Manic Street Preachers to perform live again? Also unearthed footage

The Manic Street Preachers at O2 in 2011.

The Manic Street Preachers at O2 in 2011.

After headlining a concert at London’s O2 arena in December 2011, the Manic Street Preachers decided that they were going to not perform live for about two years. However, on February 19, the band tweeted the following: “Desperate to do a show in the UK again – feels like an eternity since the amazing 02 gig. Might have to break our two-year curfew by a few months.” I can’t find any information either confirming or denying this, but this may be the longest time the band has gone without a live performance since Richey’s disappearance. (Note: If some MSP fan reads this and wants to correct me, I will be grateful.)

Meanwhile, the band are currently working in Berlin’s Hansa Studios on their 11th LP, which remains untitled because frontman James Dean Bradfield is struggling to come up with a title. For any MSP fans who want to come up with a title, I have no way to contact them. There have been two Tweets so far explaining the progress on the album. The first was: “MSP were in the great Hansa Studios in January with Alex Silva (who recorded ‘The Holy Bible’ with us). Berlin was inspirational.” This was shortly followed by “Sean been playing a french horn in the studio today – sounding wonderful.”

And, for those MSP fans who think they haven’t done anything good since Everything Must Go, or earlier, rare footage of the band performing a gig in Aldershot in 1991 has been unearthed.

In the clip, (13 minutes long), recorded on 16 February 1991, the band plays “Faceless Sense of Void” and “Repeat” with bandmate Richey Edwards. At one point, a fight breaks out, and the band tries to calm it, but decide to just carry on. Buzz Club organiser Jo Bartlett, who booked the band, uploaded the video, and presumably rediscovered it, said: “This film has been in an attic for twenty years and has only just been unearthed. You can’t hear James Dean Bradfield’s vocals at the start as Ben (the camera man) is standing to the side of the stage. However this is where Richey is playing and so it makes it all the more wonderful.”

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