Paul Weller and Mick Jagger on touring

The Jam.

The Jam.

The Jam are another one of those kind of bands; Like My Bloody Valentine, it seems like they’re a band who only seem to have a few fans, but it seems like all of them have written a list of the hundred or so greatest albums ever made and put one of their albums in the list. All the more impressive, considering that the only song by them I know is “That’s Entertainment.” If anyone actually is reading this post and wants to suggest a name for this kind of band, please use the comments.

Why do I bring them up? Not because they’re finishing work on a new album, but because former frontman Paul Weller has gone on record as saying that “it would be absurd” to reunite after 30 years. He has been given many offers to reunite the band, and has rejected them all, to a one.

Why? Quoth the Modfather: “We haven’t had 30 years of us continuing making lousy records, which is the case for some bands,” he continued. “No way would it happen. You can’t recapture those things, and also why should you? It would be absurd – three 50-year-old geezers jumping around the stage.”

However, he has some admiration towards bands like the Stones who do the same thing: “I take my hat off to people like the Stones but it’s not for me. I couldn’t do that. Jagger is brilliant and long may he rock. I couldn’t make my career out of old songs, it would do my head in.”

And, if you think this sounds like a segue, well, that’s because it is,  Because The Rolling Stones have hinted that they would like to play more live shows in 2013, saying that their shows at the end of 2012 were “not enough”.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger revealed that, after their triumphant 2012 gigs, they feel like they’re just getting started for something good.  Jagger said: “I’m going to see what’s on the table and discuss it with everyone. We’ll announce it when we’ve figured it out.”

Quoth Kieth: “Really, all you’re going to have to do is wait for an announcement,” Keith Richards added, saying the London and New York gigs “went like a dream, at the same speed, man. But we barely got off the starting blocks.” he said. Adding: “It would be dopey to bring things up to this level and say, ‘Well, that’s that, 50 years, bye-bye.'”

“I always said that we’d see how this would go, and then we’d think about doing more – or not. Keith and Ronnie say things to the press,” Jagger added, “because that’s their line. They don’t say, ‘Oh, I think about it carefully.’ But they think about it as carefully as Charlie and I do. The reality is they are as tentative as anybody else.”

Of course, Ronnie Wood has gone on record as saying that the Stones would “Rock until they drop,” but it’s nice to see that the Stones have no plan to retire anytime soon.

Although, that said, there is no record of whether or not one of those 2013 gigs will be at Glastonbury.

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  1. avatarMike Lawrence says

    What a ridiculous article… can you make a judjment on a band after hearing just one song, and that’s entertainment was a fantastic song but not typical of what the jam were about. They straddled punk/rock/folk/funk and soul. Paul Weller is one of the most British influential songwriters of all time, in terms of popularity he is to Britain what Springsteen is to the US. The Jam were a bigger and more popular band than either The Sex Pistols or The Clash and one look at the position of their singles chart positions would show you that. How can you have a ready-made opinion about a band when you have heard just one song….have a bit of respect mate!

    • avatarDerek says

      Sorry, I didn’t really mean any disrespect; I’m just saying that on my side of the pond, nobody knows who The Jam are, and even though I haven’t mustered enough curiosity about them to go beyond “That’s Entertainment,” I do like that song. I probably should go more into their discography.

      • avatarMichael Lawrence says

        That’s fair enough, apologies for getting on my soap box there…..just tend to get a bit overprotective of them haha. I don’t know why but Weller as a songwriter does seem to be overlooked in the States but he is fantastic and has kept at the top of his game for almost 40 years. I can give you a few Jam tunes to check out: Going Underground, Town Called Malice, Down in the tube station at Midnight, Ghosts, Eton Rifles, Burning Sky

        A few of his Solo songs to check out: Above The Clouds, Changingman, Wildwood, Into Tomorrow, Broken Stones – ane more recently 7 & 3 is the strikers name, cold moments and dangerous age.

        His Other band were The Style Council who had quite a few hits: Long Hot Summer, Shout to the top, walls come tumbling down, monet go round.

        I would be interested to know your thoughts on them 😀

        • avatarDerek says

          I have listened to some of the songs you’ve recommended, and I have to say this: while I can’t say I love Paul Weller’s work to be as protective of him as you, I can say that I like it enough to weep for the tastes of the Yank listening public because they don’t know what they’re missing.