Ronnie Wood “Twisting arms” to get the Rolling Stones to headline Glastonbury.

Ron Wood, not pleased at the possibility of losing his headlining slot to Rihanna.

Ron Wood, not pleased at the possibility of losing his headlining slot at Glastonbury to Rihanna.

Don’t you hate it when TV shows draw out the question of “Will they or Won’t they?” for too damn long? Yeah, try being the guy who has to read the NME newsfeed to get at least one article a month showing the Rolling Stones agonising over whether or not they’ll play Glastonbury. Ron Wood really wants it, Emily Eavis would love to have them, Mick Jagger has teased the possibility on occasion. So, why haven’t they made any decisions yet? And now, Ron Wood’s stated he’s going to persuade his bandmates to do Glastonbury.

Quoth Ronnie Wood: “We’ve got a meeting next month and that’s going to be my first question to them. It’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’m going to twist their arms. I’ve got lots of high hopes this year, now that we’re all rehearsed – let’s get it cracking this summer!”

It should be mentioned that, should the Stones actually make up their minds and perform on the Pyramid Stage, their set would be live-streamed by the BBC for the first time, so that people can see the different stages as they’re performing using the latest technology. All the major stages will be live-streamed.

To heighten the stakes further, there’s yet another performer who might take over the festival: Barbadian-American pop singer Rihanna. According to the Daily Star, she is being lined up to perform on the Pyramid Stage, following in the footsteps of Beyonce, headliner of the final night of the 2011 festival. Of course, the Daily Star is treating her closing the festival as a fait accompli, even though she will be performing in Zurich that night. However, she does have a date free on the festival’s Friday (June 28).
A source told the tabloid newspaper: “She is the perfect choice. Beyonce stole the show two years ago and there’s no reason why Rihanna can’t do the same. She’s got a huge back-catalogue and is undoubtedly the biggest female artist around at the moment bar Adele.”

Rihanna has gone on record as saying she’d love to do the festival in 2011: “I have heard so many things about what happens there. I love rock music. I love Kings Of Leon and The Prodigy. The music is awesome. I like the more traditional rock bands, too – Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. I think I could rock Glastonbury, no question.”

Ronnie, you’d better be doing some damn hard arm twisting.

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