Jeremy Clarkson Thinks the ‘Special Relationship’ Should be Thrown in the Skip

And I’m inclined to agree with him. Many of you may recall my rant last week about the grave mistreatment of Gordon Brown at the hands of the Obama administration (read it here). Well, now Car God Jeremy Clarkson has chimed in with his two pence.

Not only does he view it as an insult, he think it’s time to cut off America and it’s ingratitude and end the ‘special relationship‘ that America and Britain supposedly have.

From the article:

However, if you look at Gordon Brown’s recent trip to Washington, Johnny Frenchman would appear to have a point. Gordon gave Obama Barrack a penholder carved from the timbers of an antislavery ship. The sister ship, in fact, of the one that was broken up and turned into the desk in the Oval Office.

Barrack, meanwhile, gave Brown The Graduate on DVD. Which smacks of an “Oh, Christ. What shall we get him?” moment at the local petrol station.

Then we have the issue with crime. The British authorities have to present a robust prima-facie case to the American courts before we can extradite someone to the UK. Whereas an American cop can drag you across the Atlantic if he even so much as thinks your beard is a bit dodgy.

Read the read of Jeremy Clarkson’s Column here.

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  1. avatar says

    Yes, that was a poor move by the Obama administration. It appears as if we are taking the “special relationship” for granted.

  2. avataranon says

    People who care: Brits. People who don’t care: Americans. And why can’t Clarkson spell?

  3. avatar says

    Gordon Brown is a joke – a political non-entity who entirely lived up to the reception he got in America. He’s lucky he didn’t get told to wait in the lobby for a brief, perfunctory handshake and a swift “…and who are you, again?” from Mr Obama.

    As for Jeremy Clarkson… He’s hilarious sometimes, but this one’s a bit tired and xenophobic.

  4. avatarARI says

    jeremy clarkson is a man with massive inferiority complex toward the USA.
    He shouldn’t be taken seriously..