Reluctant Anglophile: Top 10 British and Irish Actors I’d Seriously Consider Leaving My Husband For

Editor’s Note – Jonathan here: I would like to say that I do not endorse the content of this post and I hope that my beautiful wife can settle for a man that only kinda looks like Conan O’Brien. :-)

One of the many things that Britain and Ireland do well is gorgeous actors. I don’t know if it is the accent or British/Irish gene pool but one thing is for sure, the British Isles have some beautiful men representing her these days when it comes to acting. Keep in mind, I could only pick 10 men or this list would be never ending. Here are my choices for the most handsome British and Irish actors:

David Tennant

This hunky actor won my heart by playing the character of Dr. Who. Warm, lovable, and not to mention gorgeous, David Tennant made an excellent Dr. Who. While I did enjoy the series for it’s interesting story lines and plots, I did also enjoy the eye candy. Tennant’s version of the Doctor always seemed to be the knight on the white horse or should I say in a blue box. Watching his character fall for Rose Tyler, that’s it, I was a goner. I go anywhere through time and space with this Doctor.

Ewan McGregor

Wether it is acting brilliantly or riding around the world on a motorcycle, this man is gorgeous doing it all.  I fell for this hunky actor when I first saw him in Moulin Rouge, as the sweet and venerable Christian.  His career has grown from that role to include  major Hollywood productions to the occasional independent film. I have also watched him ride his motorcycle around the world width wise and then from Scotland to South Africa, in Long Way Round and Long Way Down.  I’d get on the back of his motorcycle any day.

Daniel Craig

I think this picture speaks for itself. What can I say,  I am a sucker for James Bond.  Craig’s role as the super spy, was fantastic and wonderfully handsome. Slick, sophisticated  and British, this guy has got it all. Not to mention, every time I see him in a tux, I go a little weak at the knees. Absolute perfection!

Colin Firth

From Jane Austin to Bridget Jones, Colin Firth is wonderful in whatever role he is playing. As the distinguished English gentleman, Firth pulls this off perfectly every time.  The hopeless romantic that I am, would gladly accompany this man as his gentle lady.

James Nesbitt

I first saw this handsome actor in the crime drama, Murphy’s Law. What can I say, James nesbitt makes bald sexy. From that gorgeous accent to talented acting, this guys got it all. In the past few years this guy has got a bit of a reputation of being a ladies man. I would still consider leaving Jonathan for him.

Gerard Butler

While most American audiences don’t know that this actor is actually Scottish, I do. I first saw Butler  in the film, P.S. I Love You. He does a sexy dance at the beginning of the film that would make any girl blush. He has gorgeous blue eyes, mixed with that great accent, what girl would not go weak at the knees over this guy?

Glen Hansard

Glen Hansard was incredible in the film Once. That was the first time I had come across this heart throb. Not only is he gorgeous, the man can sing like no other.  His character in Once, is charming, and sweet as he falls for his co-star. I could listen to this man sing me the phone book and still totally swoon.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

If I had to use one word to describe this actor it would be hot. He was steamy and sexy in Match Point. Those gorgeous blue eyes and handsome face. What girl stands a chance saying no to this stud, certainly not me. He seems gentle and like a bit of an asshole all at the same time, which is sexy.

Ralph Fiennes

This picture says it all, I really don’t need to say anything more about the sexiness of this British actor. From his roles in The Constant Gardner to the chick flick Maid in Manhattan, this sexy man oozes class and sophistication.  This is another man I would happily listen while he read me the phone book. Not only is he devilishly handsome, but he has got one of the sexiest voices I have ever heard.

Simon Pegg

This Brit has a charm and sweetness about him that makes him very sexy. He is also hilariously funny and that in itself is really sexy. He seems like a gentle romantic man which makes this girl’s heart flutter. I must also say I have a thing for men with red hair, after all I married a man with red hair!  From Run Fat Boy Run to Shaun of the Dead, this handsome man is so charming and funny.

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  1. avatarMaddie says

    Great minds think alike – much to the dismay of my husband I’d hit Tennant, too! BLIMEY!!! *Fans self*

    • avatar says

      When it comes to David Tennant, my husband knows, that there is no consideration there. If the situation presented itself, I’d be gone in a flash. LOL! Btw way I love that you said you’d “hit it!” ROFL!!!!

  2. avatarhelygen says

    My husband and I have the same understanding regarding David Tennant: in the highly unlikely event that the situation should present itself, I’d be gone in a flash too! He’s a beautiful man, inside and out, and the best of our actors, imho.

    I’m glad that your list has representatives from all four British nations, even if my list would be slightly different from yours 😉

  3. avatarTheresa says

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is not British. He was born in Dublin Ireland and grew up in Cork. His British accent is excellent, but so was his Southern American accent when he won the Golden Globe playing Elvis Presley. His natural accent is quite Irish, and so is he.

  4. avatarKimberly says

    I am so glad to see Simon Pegg on the list. I must admit I have a horrible crush on him.

    I also have massive crushes on James McAvoy, John Simm, and David Tennant.

    There is just something about British Men that I find so sexy and attractive

    • avatarSabrina says

      Ewan M. is also Scottish. I have been in love with him since I saw an Ordinary Life what seems like a million years ago! James Nesbit was great in that Jekyl/Hyde show, and Gerard Butler, OMG! Ralph’s brother Joseph is not bad either. think I need to start watching Dr. Who! Oh, and you left out James McAvoy, yummy!

  5. avatar says

    LOL! I absolutely did know that Glen was an Irish bloke. It totally slipped my mind, I was too busy off in imagination land with him when I was writing this….

  6. avatarTiffany Cox says

    A friend told me this week that her husband knows she’d drop him for Tennant in a heartbeat. I’m completely in love with David Tennant myself. He’s not only handsome, but amazingly talented.

    However, I’d also add a couple other men to this list: Sean Connery, Richard Armitage, and Alan Rickman. Definitely Alan Rickman. Talk about voices! Absolutely love him in “Blow Dry”, with that hair and his bare feet.

  7. avatar says

    Love this post, LOL! Mine: Jude Law, John Simm, Christopher Eccleston, and I don’t care if he’s gay or what… If John Barrowman shows up at my door he’s getting snogged.

  8. avatarAsh says

    Chris Eccleston, David Mitchell and even though he’s not an actor, Charlie Brooker

  9. avatarJen says

    I am COMPLETELY in love with David Tennant (and single, so no guy out there has to worry about me leaving him for Davey ;-P), so I’m thrilled to see him at the top of this list! I pretty much agree with all your other choices though, although I tend to prefer Joseph over Ralph when it comes to the Fiennes brothers. (Side note: their surname is perfectly suited to them!!) And frankly, Daniel Craig is almost a bit TOO much of a hunk to suit my taste.
    I’d also have to add James McAvoy, Matthew Goode and Hugh Dancy to the list. SWOON

  10. avatarHeather says

    Funny enough I never found any of the last 2 Doctors attractive until I watched Doctor Who. But both CE and DT are in my list.
    Older men-Alan Rickman and Michael Kitchen who is wonderful understated in Foyle’s War.
    Another Colin Firth fan and Matthew Macfadyen of Spooks/MI-5 and P&P. Seems like a wonderful actor and family man who is not a slave to his looks. Rounding out the list-Ioan Gruffudd of Horatio Hornblower/Fantastic Four.

    Funny men- Glad to see Simon Pegg love here, and ever since I saw the TV show “Extras” I’ve had a small crush on Stephan Merchant due to his writing/directing and comic timing.

  11. avatarJoh says

    gee look who’s at the top of the list 😛 my husband knows the score with DT, like that’d EVER happen tho lol but hey i can dream!
    hehe what a great list too!

  12. avatarCie says

    may we please throw Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill, Pierce Brosnan, Richard Armitage, and Matthew McFadyen into the mix? Oh, and i know it will sound odd, but i do have a bit of a ‘cuddly crush’ on Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.

  13. avatar30rock says

    You definitely need to include Richard Armitage on your lust, I mean list! He is hotter than a thousand suns… I recommend you watch North and South as an introduction to his work *swoon*, you will not be disappointed!

    • avatarangieklong says

      This is a lovely list, but it is definitely missing the ONLY man I would actually consider running away with (and my husband knows this) . . .Leicestershire’s own Richard Armitage. He’s got the gorgeous looks, Adonis-like physique, is mega-talented. extremely bright and is a modest, witty, personable gentleman on top of everything else.

      And his voice—like aural chocolate. Delicious!!

  14. avatarDani (posting from Yorkshire) says

    You have excellent taste! All of them are on my list 😛

    I’d add another actor near the top though: Paul McGann (The Monocled Mutineer, Withnail and I, Gypo, and of course the 8th Doctor ).

    Aside from being handsome, he has a beautiful voice. He still plays the Doctor in the Classic Doctor Who audioplays produced by Big Finish Audios. BBC radio 7 sometimes airs them. I say again: beautiful voice 😛

  15. avatarWendy Hoffman says

    What a grand list you presented leading off with the loveable Mr Tennant, Mr. McGregor, and the “I’m not Scottish but I play one so well” Mr Pegg. While I don’t have a problem leaving my husband for any on the list, I am a bit miffed that Mr. John Barrowman is not on the list. After all John is definitely not hard on the eyes regardless of weather you are a woman or a man. He is mutli talented and has already managed to make a very fast splash on this side of the pond with Desperate Housewives, as Capt.Jack in Torchwood, the coming season 4 of Torchwood, and should he manage to have his dream to be on Glee come true, his stardom in America will be a done deal, His following of the ladies will become a contest with the gay men of America that love Glee. (that is meant as a compliment gay men of America). Cudos to your lovely and understanding husband in indulging you fantasies.

    • avatarWendy Hoffman says

      You did forget the darling and formidible Gene Hunt/Philip L. and I suppose you could throw in Dean Andrews as well!

  16. avatarSvala says

    David Tennant, oh what can I say, but of course it comes as no surprise that he seems to be the most popular hot male amongst us anglophile ladies, it is simply impossible to see him oozing his charm through the screen without falling for him like a lovesick teenager. The man is absolutely gorgeous, and don’t get me started on that marvelous Scottish accent… pheew (theatrically putting hand on forehead about to faint out of mere thought)

  17. avatarDanielle says

    Great list! Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Colin Firth, Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler.. all favourites of mine, too. I also have quirkier taste and LOVE Russell Brand and Noel Fielding. Although they aren’t actors, another two who have stolen my heart are footballers John Terry and Frank Lampard. Is it possible there are just too many gorgeous British men? :)

  18. avatarMichele says

    Ditto on the list!! My #1 FAV is Gerard Butler. Gorgeous, rugged, funny, and those beautiful eyes..oh and that bod, he cant be beat by anybody in my eyes. But funny beats looks any day in my book so the fact that hes got that too, just makes him even hotter. John B. is fantastic too, but Simon is hilarious. My husband makes me laugh every day, but he knows hed be kicked to the curb w/ one false move,lol!!! Hugh Grants a cutie too. …Oh and Sean Bean, very handsome and rugged!! The list could go on and on…Love all things English, Irish, Scottish etc….. Oh and my husband,tee hee!!! Luv u honey..really!!

    • avatarSumMary says

      Good eye, Michele. Ger’ard is on the cover of Men’s Journal – April, I think. Great article – you can view it on as well as the mag site.
      Have you visited and Great resources. And of course, you could make a career out of either or both of them on YouTube. Off for more eye candy.

  19. avatarSumMary says

    10 is not enough. I’m across the pond & my recent UK surge in enthusiasm began in January with “Sharpe”. I guess that’s why Baskin-Robbins has 31. It took 4 mos for the last post to mention SEAN BEAN; Jude Law only once and Clive Owen not at all? (Heathrow should have a Hypnose detector for his return from Melbourne). There are several I’ve never heard of, but I will investigate to see what they’re all about. (Phd’s of What Or How, perhaps?)
    I’m brand new to your Blog, so I’m wondering if Jonathan has a Top Ten list of his own posted somewhere or does he need to insure your marriage or something anatomical with Lloyds of London first? Good for the goose…?

  20. avatarGrania Ni Mhaille says

    Totally agree about David Tennant! And do add John Barrowman and Philip Glenister to your Hot List! They’re both gorgeous and have the best personalities.

    And I really must add the most beautiful man in Wales to this list! Gareth David-Lloyd, known to Torchwood fangirls as Ianto Jones! Sexy voice and damn cute! As Captain Jack says, it’s the gorgeous Welsh vowels!

  21. avatarTabitha says

    I am very glad that John Simm has been mentioned. He is like the epitome of gorgeous and definitely my favourite British actor. The character Sam Tyler from Life on Mars is fantastic. On a related note, funny that nobody has yet mentioned Marshall Lancaster. He is hot as well, in a nerdy type of way.

    Colin Firth is also good. Have any of you been to the Jane Austen Centre in Bath? The walls are covered in Colin Firth. Too bad he’s much too old for me, I’d run off with him in a heartbeat. I just re-watched Bridget Jones the other day, and he really is dreamy as all get out. Hugh Grant is also hot, but I don’t think that I like him as much as Colin Firth.

    All this talk of David Tennant; how about Matt Smith? He is nerdy and attractive! And that hair of his! If there is anybody who can pull off tweed and a bow-tie, it is him. Also, I am sure that during that bit in The Lodger when The Doctor takes a shower and emerges in a towel, everybody squealed. Even the blokes. (And this is coming from a former Tennant fan girl).

    P.S. Has nobody ever thought to mention Billy Boyd — who is Scottish? I really loved him as Pippin in the Lord of the Rings films. He was really cute, I thought.

    P.P.S. Ringo Starr has also done some acting. And if anybody thinks that he is *not* hot, they really need to reconsider things. 😉

  22. avatarEMO says

    Your list is pretty accurate.

    Tennant stole my heart in Doctor Who and I spent that last half hour of his
    final show in tears. (My kids said: Mom, he’s not going to die for real. Just his character and even the character doesn’t die because he regenerates.) They just didn’t understand. Tennant, behind Tom Baker, was the Doctor Who I most wanted to travel with in that tiny on the outside, bigger on the inside, little blue box.

    I’m waiting on pins and needles to see if his new show gets picked up in America.

  23. avatar says

    I must say three of my favorites not on this list are Richard Armitage, Sean Bean and Benedict Cumberbatch (mostly due to Sherlock).
    There is also a soft spot for Paul Bettany… oh, and Eddie Redmayne….and…. wait, I had better stop now. This could take a while.

  24. avatarBostonKaren says

    You forgot Toby Stephens! Surely one of the most handsome men around. Hurrah for David Tennant, though. Great site!

  25. avatarBostonKaren says

    I almost forgot Rupert Penry-Jones! Really, the list could be endless. I also think Damien Lewis is quite cute. And a terrific actor….

    • avatarNikki says

      Definitely got to have Rupert Penry Jones and Alan Rickman on the list. And Colin Firth in a wet white shirt!

  26. avatarPacificCoastVal says

    Fun article. I will agree on Tennant, McGregor, and Firth. All three fantastically good looking. But will second the mentions of Matthew Macfayden (who could make a Dickens character look so hot) and Benedict Cumberbatch (who I first saw in Fortysomething)…oh, Hugh Laurie also worth mentioning.

  27. avatarJackie2000 says

    My list is a David Beckham, Jude Law,Ewan Mcgregor,Henry Cavil, model David Gandy,James Mcavoy and Ioan Gruffudd. How can I forget Colin Farrell.

  28. avatarPat says

    Must agree with your first choice being David Tennant and I really can’t argue with any of your choices or for that matter any of the comments posted here. I adore the men of the British Isles and Australia, too (Hugh Jackman, here’s looking at you:)

  29. avatarAmie says

    Call me a cougar, but Robert Pattinson tops my list. Add to that Hugh Dancy, Andrew Gardner, James McAvoy, Tom Sturridge, Colin Firth, Cary Elwes (circa “The Princess Bride”), Joseph Fiennes, Dominic Cooper, Matthew Goode, and Clive Owen. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop now. 😉

  30. avatarkim endres says

    how could this anglophile just now discover this site??? obviously one would have to be barmy not to agree with the above list, but someone i’ve been keen on a while is robson green. if you aren’t familar with his work, check out the masterpiece theatre series “reckless” with the lovely francesa annis. he and the story are HOT!
    excited to have found this site,

  31. avatarswoons4uk says

    Yes, I’d add James McAvoy and Eddie Redmayne (Tess of the Ubervilles). I know this is for actors, but indie rock frontman Yan of British Sea Power would top the music list. Is there one? Great blog!

  32. avatarRuthie says

    I love THE TUDORS! And I’m not mentioning the series. I’m obviously talking about Jonathan Rhys Meyers and HENRY CAVILL. The last one is such a damn dashing…
    Jonathan is more famous than Henry, but in my opinion, not prettier. Besides that, Henry’s career is evolving.
    The guy is from Jersey Island and we can see him acting in “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “Tristan and Isolde”, “Creek” or more recently “The Tudors” and “Whatever Works”.
    Keep you eye on it!!!!

    • avatarKatherine says

      I saw Eddie Izzard live in Newcastle and he’s amazing.
      Tom Hardy is the sexiest man alive!
      Also, Hans Matheson is just amazingly attractive.
      Hehe, I’m English and the men aren’t all that hot! My boyfriend isn’t half bad though. 😛

  33. avatarSusan says

    Robson Green, David Tennant, Matthew Macfayden, Hugh Grant and Benedict Cumberbatch. HOT HOT HOT HOT and HOT.

  34. avatarMia says

    Absolutely most of the above (David Tennant esp), but you missed Alan Rickman, Kenneth Branagh, Clive Owen, Sean Bean, Hugh Grant…and need to see Gerard Butler in “300” if P.S. I Love You was your first exposure…

  35. avatarJulia says

    Yes about David Tennant, Gerard Butler, Ralph & Jospeh Fiennes. And John Barrowman, Ioan Gruffudd, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean, Dominic Monaghan and ADRIAN PAUL!!!

  36. avataranglofilet says

    Yeah, my hubby is well aware of my DT crush, but I agree that Matt Smith is nothing to sneeze at! Also got my geek-girl crush going with Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams, DW “companion”) and Richard Hammond (Top Gear). Still waiting for the TG boys to do one of their American road trips in my neck of the woods!

  37. avatarEvelyne says

    For some reason, i can’t find Colin Farrell anywhere! He has been on my list since Balleykissangel and Heart’s war.

  38. avatar says

    Great choices everyone, however, do not forget James Scott, 6′ 4″ tall, dark, gorgeous hunk who should be the next James Bond. He would be absolutely perfect. He is playing in a U.S. soap opera now “Days of our Lives” and is a terrific actor. Someone put him in front of Barbara Broccoli pleeeeese!
    I don’t wish to offend anyone over here in the U.S. but I can’t think of one American actor who can stand next to any of the actors mentioned here. Sorry!

  39. avatarbloomchaplin says

    I was really glad to see someone other than myself makes lists of this sort. I agree with some of the men on the list, esp. DT, but come on, how can you have a list without Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, Jonas Armstrong, Richard Armitage, John Simm, Mathew Goode, and I have to throw in some bands for good measure-Keane, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay….

    • avatarMichelle says

      Yes! John Simm always gets left out. He’s so pretty. Don’t even get me started on the Brit Rockers! Dave Gahan. *sigh.

  40. avatarMichelle says

    I love this list! DT is also my number one. I would add Tim Roth (I’m working on a 15 year crush), Richard Armitage, and Andrew Lee Potts (feel a little cougarish about this one…but he’s such a cutie!)

  41. avatarRose says

    Richard Armitage is drop dead gorgeous and I love that he isn’t overexposed like Gerard Butler is now……us gals can secretly hang onto him a tad bit longer….LOLOL. Although I still think Gerard Butler is still handsome, I have lost my appeal for him due to his Hollywood partying ways….very disappointing.

  42. avatar says

    What a wonderful list of British hunks! I agree with them all….but too bad Jamie Bamber was not on it. He is one of my favs!

  43. avatarJanice says

    Tom Hardy should be on this list, too. He plays the latest Heathcliffe in the most recent “Wuthering Heights,” and Handsome Bob in “Rocknrolla.”

  44. avatarReena B says

    Richard Armitage, Rupert Penry Jones, Henry Cavill (he’s from Jersey by the way), James Wilby, Anthony Andrews, Matthew Goode…..oh dear! It’s a never-ending list for me…..;) Richard Armitage was super gorgeous in North and South..

  45. avatarMardy says

    (BTW: Cary Elwes is not from the UK. But unlike other Robin Hoods, he *can* speak with an English accent.)

    Clive Owen? Christan Bale (Welsh)? Jason Statham? Max Beesley?


  46. avatarBritwoman says

    Simon Pegg??? Yet no Rupert Graves!!! This omission should, at least, reduce the anxiety levels for your husband. RG is not merely a far more interesting actor than most on this list, but has been absurdly hot for more than 25 years now, and continues to attract startlingly young fans (for whom he’s ‘Britain’s Leo DiCaprio’ back then, hotter than George Clooney today). Check out the fan activity (and screencaps) across on Tumblr to see what I mean…

    Another odd omission: no Michael Fassbender!

    Of the names already mentioned, only Clive Owen really makes the grade for the ‘impossibly beautiful and can act’ list, with an honorable mention for James Wilby.

    I also rate highly 1980s Tim Roth (on charisma and talent more than looks), Velvet-Goldmine-era Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Tom Hardy, and Matthew McFadyen.

    Rupert Everett, Cary Elwes and Anthony Andrews have all aged badly – and, of these, only Everett was ever talented. Tom Sturridge is very pretty but a very limited actor. As a Brit, I think of Butler and Farrell more as Hollywood stars. And I can feel only pity for anyone who even mentions the words ‘Jason Statham’.

  47. avatarDiane says

    This list was fun! Here are mine, in no particular order:
    1. Matthew MacFadyen (yummy voice)
    2. Ewan McGregor (bad boy glint in his eye)
    3. Hugh Grant (charmer)
    4. Jude Law (beautiful)
    5. Daniel Craig (baby blues)
    6. Alan Rickman (velvetty voice)
    7. Liam Neeson (strong)
    8. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (loved him in Bend it like Beckham)
    9. Colin Firth (funnier than you’d think)
    10. Tom Hardy (new one for me)

    • avatarMontana says

      #’s 1 and 4 are wonderful! You have an excellent taste in Brits madam! I LOVE Jude Law!

  48. avatarKevon says

    Many good additions to a strong list. But I must add Gary Oldman, Craig Ferguson and Robbie Carlyle. I like my gorgeous and talented with a little side of crazy.

  49. avatararfan1 says

    I think you forgot Alan Rickman…
    GOD i LOVE that voice!
    Will run with him faster than a heartbeat
    Too bad he’s got a partner though *sighs*

  50. avatarLK says

    My own list: Alan Rickman (that voice played like a musical instrument), Jason Isaacs, Hugh Laurie, John Cleese (maybe not young anymore, but he still has those eyes, and the sharpest humor of everyone discussed!), Rowan Atkinson (in his Black Adder prime), Sting.

  51. avatarCheryl says

    My list (in no particular order): David Tennant, John Barrowman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, Rufus Sewell, Jack Davenport, Jeremy Northam, Tim Curry, Christopher Lee, Alan Rickman. Most of the others people mention aren’t bad, either.

  52. avatarSable says

    I’m sure it was a simple oversight to have left out Rufus Sewell and James Purefoy. However, when it comes to overlooking Sean Bean, one can only assume that you have absolutely NO TASTE when it comes to men!

  53. avatarMelissa Hansen says

    speaking of voices-have you heard John Barrowman sing? I have some of his CDs-wow!

  54. avatar says

    You have left out the biggest “leave my husband” British actor sex-shooter, the incomparable BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!!

    He is goofy, quick witted, educated, adorable with true ginger hair, utterly talented and is good with children! And, by his own account is a good shag.

    That redheaded husband of yours in the photo is practically out the door as we speak!

    My humble opinion…!! P.S. I LOVE your website!

  55. avatarCalina says

    I subscribe to all of them … but I just need to add Colin Farrell on top if the list…simply the hottest bad guy turned good guy ever….

  56. avatarDebbie Jo says

    I used to live in London off and on through the middle ’70’s, and whenever my American girlfriends would come to visit, I would always tell them to not stop and turn around to look at the totally hot guy who just walked by because she would miss the one that was coming up just behind him. I have the feeling that things haven’t changed that much over the years. The streets of England are paved with Golden Boys! And I agree with the merits of all the candidates mentioned. They just seem to grow them cuter there. Love the site and God save the Queen!

  57. avatarStacie says

    Michael Fassbender ( Fassy ) will always be #1 on my list then maybe Gerry Butler ! 😀 I love this post !

  58. avatarStacie says

    Sorry I’m obsessed… here’s my Top 10 list :they all make me smile : )

    1. Michael Fassbender 6. Matthew MacFayden

    2.Gerry Butler 7.Henry Cavil

    3. Clive Owen 8.Rupert Penry- Jones

    4. Colin Firth 9.Ewan McGregor

    5. Tom Hardy 10.Daniel Craig

  59. avatarStephanie Carr says

    Richard Armitage, Richard Armitage, and Richard Armitage–I would slog across any swamp you could name without boots to hear him read the phone book or Webster’s Dictionary, if that was his inclination.

  60. avatarPatricia Abrames says

    My Top 10. If I were married which I’m not but I would be tempted to have an affair with if they are married and some probably are. Stage actor, Glenn Carter, Richard Armitage, Ioan Gruffudd, David Tennant, Colin Firth and James Scott of Days Of Our Lives, John Barrowman, Bernard Cumberbach, Rufus Sewall and another adorable Brit from the stage, Ryan Malloy aka Frankie Valley in Jersey Boys!

  61. avatarKaren Hawkins says

    What, no Alan Rickman??? Talk about a voice to die for, sighhhh. I don’t care if he is playing Snape or Colonel Brandon (Sense & Sensibility), he is YUM!

  62. avatarEmily says

    I’ve discovered that I have a huge crush on Richard Hammond. I don’t know how Brits really view him but I get the feeling some people think he’s a little cute and some think he’s a little annoying. Am I correct? I love his voice and the way he looks and his mannerisms and expressions. I also like that he’s so dedicated to his family. I don’t admit this to anyone though, and I’m not even using my real name. But seriously, there’s something about him. Does anyone agree or am I completely weird for thinking this?

  63. avatarAmanda says

    There really are more attractive actors here than anywhere else in the world :)

    My list, in no particular order: Richard Armitage, Tom Ellis, Tom Hiddleston, Sean Bean, Michael Fassbender, Joseph/Ralph Fiennes (because why choose when you could have both?), Clive Owen and Colin Farrell. Though all of the above choices are great; although I haven’t yet figured out the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch…

  64. avatarJolynn says

    Emily, I understand the Richard Hammond thing totally; I live in the US and I’m a huge Top Gear UK fan. I’m actually kind of partial to James May–love the hair and the quirky personality. There is something about a guy with a sense of humor that drives fast cars for a living….:)

  65. avatarDebbi Duncan says

    I have had a long standing lust affair with Alastair Mackenzie! Of course all the ones mentioned so far.. I have no objection to either! 😉

  66. avatarLee Anne says

    Everyone seems to be “discovering” Julian Ovenden since he joined Downton, but I fell in love with him as Andrew Foyle years ago. He could take me up in his Spitfire any time! And what a singing voice! Definitely on my list.

  67. avatar says

    My top ten in no particular order would be:
    1. David Tennant
    2. Tom Hiddleston
    3. Rupert Penry-Jones
    4. Matthew McFadyen
    5. James McAvoy
    6. Colin Firth
    7. Daniel Craig
    8. Jude Law
    9. Henry Cavill
    10. Richard Armitage

  68. avatarLey says

    I specifically looked at this post just to make sure David Tennant was on it. Good job making him first on the list!!

  69. avatarDanielle says

    I remember being 13 & having the hugest crush on Gerry Butler when I saw him in “Phantom of the Opera”. I still think he’s gorgeous, but my current UK celeb crush is Michael Fassbender. He’s such a sweet, humble, caring, funny (check out his appearance w/ James McAvoy & Hugh Jackman on the “Graham Norton Show” if you don’t believe me on that) guy…all qualities a girl could ask for. Add in that mega-watt toothy grin & those beautiful ice-blue eyes…enough to make any girl swoon. My mom’s got her other-side-of-the-pond crushes, too. She just adores Sean Bean& Liam Neeson. A close family friend of ours loves Jason Issacs.

  70. avatarDeb says

    Oh it would have to be Johnny Flynn, musician, screen & stage actor, model, just did a movie with Anne Hathaway called Song One, hoping it comes to screen late fall…..check him out. You’ll never look back. Hes as humble as he is adorable and talented!!

  71. avatarrakin says

    Not one single mention of the most beautiful Scot (or any nationality) of all time: Sean Connery! Gorgeous at ANY age!