Young British Designer Emily Tonkin launches new Tennis Wear Line 30:fifteen

Emily Tonkin may only be 25, but she has always had her eye on fashion.  She grew up in a sporty family, so after training at FIDM in Los Angeles it was only natural she launched a fitness line.  In a short time this sporty, yet girly line of ladies tennis wear 30:fifteen is already causing quite a stir.  Having been featured in the UK’s Tatler, Top Saunte Magazine and Fox TV in the US.

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We caught up with Emily to find out more about this beautiful ladies tennis clothing line, her inspirations and so much more.  She is making us get into the tennis mood well before the start of Wimbledon.


Is making your own clothing line something you’ve always wanted to do?

Yes. When I graduated from FIDM, I knew at some point I would have my own brand, but I never dreamed I would be achieving this so quickly. It is very exciting and I feel so so blessed.

What was your main inspiration to start the brand?

If I am totally honest, my mum was my main inspiration. She has always been really active and plays really great tennis and she inspires me daily, but my whole family is very active and I wanted to create a brand that I 100% believe in. All the women in my life inspire me in terms of styling and fit, because they are all different.

What was your inspiration behind the name 30fifteen?

I wanted something that was edgy & different but still sports inspired. I did a brainstorm & originally liked Deuce, or 30/Love, but then I was having a BBQ with my family and my brother kept saying 30 Fifteen, I left and I couldn’t get it out my head, so 30 Fifteen stuck!


What differentiates you from other sportswear brands?

The quality, styling, the brand message. Its femine yet still performs to high technical standard.  Wearing/buying anything from 30 Fifteen, then you are on the right path to a healthy, active lifestyle.

You have a nice variety of styles, do you have a favourite?

I love them all for different reasons, but the Sue collection & Alethia dress suits my body type the best.

Where do the names Anna, Sue, Jane and Alethia come from?

Sue- is my mums name

Jane- is my middle name but also my mums tennis partners name

Alethia- is a friend of my mums who she used to play tennis with, sadly she passed away from cancer a couple of years back.

Anna – is Anna Kournikova, I met her once when I was a teenager and I

loved what she brought to womens tennis. Style, sex appeal and a little sass.

30fifteen logoHow would you describe the clothing line?

30:Fifteen is for women, it focuses on providing garments for every women. Whether they workout 5-6 times a week or once a week. I want the cute, stylish, comfortable & durable designs to encourage women to workout, play sports and be active. 30:Fifteen encourages a healthy active lifestyle and by offering gorgeous garments, there really is no excuse. The debut collection is tennis focused, but the tops & shorts are ideal for any workout.

Is the clothing range specifically for women who play tennis?

This debut collection originates around Tennis, but the tops are great to wear for any sport, going to the gym & working out.

Do you see your brand expanding?

Definitely, we are already working on new collection tailored around basics for womens sports, so you can still wear them on the court, but also to  a dance class, out running or around the house.  I have so many exciting plans for 30 Fifteen, this is only the beginning.

Can people in the UK only buy your clothing line?

No. People in Australia and the US can purchase the range by going to our website and emailing us their order.

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