PBS To Deduce Sherlock Holmes in Documentary Special How Sherlock Changed The World

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Before there was CSI there was Sherlock Holmes. The fictional sleuth created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a Victorian crime fighter ahead of his time. Holmes was a deep thinking scientist that used chemistry, deduction, and an early use of fingerprints and gunpowder residue to solve crimes. Capable and unemotional the consulting detective was frequently called in by the London police to solve their most baffling cases.

The new PBS special How Sherlock Changed the World will showcase the impact of just how the Sherlock Holmes character influenced real-life forensic techniques. Beth Hoppe, Chief Programming Executive and General Manager of General Audience Programming for PBS said, “We are delighted to bring this exclusive special about Sherlock Holmes to PBS. How Sherlock Changed the World takes Conan Doyle’s creation from fiction to reality revealing the real-life importance of Holmes as the revolutionary crime fighter.”

Dr Henry Lee

The special aims to tell the influence of Sherlock Holmes and his methods on actual scientists, detectives, and criminals. Forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee (pictured above) states, “Sherlock Holmes is the grandfather of forensic science. Today, when I go to a crime scene I use his logic, his method of deduction. That’s how we do it today, solving cases based on Sherlock Holmes logic.”

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“It is clear, especially of late, the lasting impact of Holmes has had both nationally and internationally,” said Trish Powell, Executive Producer at Love Productions, which produced the special. “The worldwide success of the BBC drama on Masterpiece Mystery! and recent box office hits Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows has proven Holmes to be a timeless source of entertainment. With this recent resurgence of interest, it is a perfect time to present this Sherlock Holmes special that demonstrates how the character was a catalyst for meaningful advancement and change in the field of criminal investigation and forensic science.”

Scheduled to premiere in the Fall of 2013 How Sherlock Changed the World will air on PBS.

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  1. avatarChrisann Sevoian says

    I am teaching Sherlock Homes to my students this spring in Methuen, massachusetts. I wondered if abyone from PBS woudl be avaiable to come in and talk about this project….the link between Holmes, Doyle and forensic science. I do not have any funds to allocate to this but I could collect small donations from the class in order to make this happen.

    Thanks and let me know!
    Chrisann Sevoian Ubarri

  2. avatarDiana says

    We hope that they will include Jeremy Brett in the new PBS special about Sherlock Holmes. He should have received a Bafta Award for his excellent work!