Third Bridget Jones Novel On The Way

What with entertainment headlines being dominated by the upcoming Hobbit and Star Wars trilogies, it seems good things are coming in threes these days. Fans waiting around for a third Bridget Jones film, however, have been frustrated to learn of the project’s stalled script and lack of leadership. But while that’s all still getting sorted, Helen Fielding has announced that a new Bridget Jones novel will be published in the fall of next year.

While the title of the third film (if it ever does get bloody made) is widely rumored to be “Bridget Jones’s Baby,” the book’s title has yet to be released.

Fielding has been rather tight-lipped about most aspects of the upcoming novel, her first since the 2003 publication of the tepidly received “Olivia Joules and The Overactive Imagination.”

It will be her first addition to the Bridget Jones franchise in more than 13 years – indeed, her first in this century, since “The Edge of Reason” was published in 1999 – and will turn the massively popular Pride and Prejudice reiteration tale of a neurotic London “singleton” into a true literary trilogy before it becomes a cinematic one (and good grief, isn’t that the way it ought to be?)

Among the few details Fielding has let slip are these:

That last bit in particular delights me, considering how funny Fielding can already be on Twitter these days, where she tweets (in character) Bridget’s musings on current events using the handle @bridgetjoneshf (and also voices Mark at @markdarcylegal).

The Telegraph reports that the latest Bridget Jones installment has been acquired by publisher Jonathan Cape and is due out in autumn 2013.

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