Hadrian’s Wall: Adopt Your Own Piece of Hadrian’s Wall to Support Important Work

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall

As regular readers well know, I’m planning on walking the length Hadrian’s Wall in September 2014 (you can read all about the planning here).

The Hadrian’s Wall Trust, which manages the wall and preserves it for future generations, has launched a new innovative appeal to raise funds to maintain the wall. They’re allowing anyone to adopt a stone in the wall for just £3 (about $5 USD).

Here the info from The Hadrian’s Wall Trust:

Hadrian’s Wall Trust is aiming to raise funds to ensure that the Wall and the World Heritage Site survive for future generations, to visit, appreciate and enjoy.

The appeal centres around the Adopt a Stone website www.adoptastone.co.uk where visitors to the Wall and locals alike can adopt virtual stones in a virtual Hadrian’s Wall. Anyone feeling particularly generous could consider donating larger amounts to secure one of the 162 turrets or 80 milecastles that also appear along the digital Wall. You will give your business a much higher profile.

The Adopt a Stone website includes fun Roman characters and information about Roman sites along the Wall, but it also has an important message about the need to raise more funds to meet the standards essential for the protection of Hadrian’s Wall and to maintain and develop visitor management, including the maintenance of the Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail, which needs additional support, following significant budget cuts.

Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site is not only an important landmark for the north of England but also an important income generator for the local and regional economies, with visitors spending over £880 million each year. Sadly none of this spend cascades down to Hadrian’s Wall Trust. The recently formed charity has the responsibility of leading on the management of the World Heritage Site, working with partner organisations, farmers and landowners, tourism businesses, communities and volunteers. Together we maintain and develop the heritage and landscape as UNESCO requires for continued accreditation as a World Heritage Site, and to market the frontier as premier heritage and eco-tourism destination both domestically and internationally. We need to maintain standards essential to securing the Wall’s protection and the shortfall in public funds for this work is severe.

Spread the Word

Please encourage your guests, friends and family members to Adopt a Stone.

Stones start at £3 for a one-off donation using their debit or credit cards.

Or perhaps they would like to set up a regular monthly contribution via Paypal?

Monthly contributors get the additional bonus of having their own virtual Legionary (at £3 per month), Centurion (£5 per month) or a Tribune (£10 per month).

Each stone allows donors to upload their own picture and add a message of support, thus making that stone their very own.
And all donors get an email thank you certificate including a link to their own digital stone.

So please spread the word and help us build this virtual Wall and raise vital funds.

We will definitely donate some money and stake or claim in the wall!

To do so yourself, visit here.

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    Jonathan ~ In your first sentence you say “you can read all about the planning here,” but those words don’t link anywhere. Would love to read about it if there’s a link. Thanks!

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