Video: The Story Behind Iconic Castle Howard – Famous For Its Role in Brideshead Revisited

Castle Howard, Copyright Al1, Flickr

Castle Howard, Copyright Al1, Flickr

As we begin to plan our next trip to Britain (happening in summer 2015) we really want to go North and explore Yorkshire. One place we will definitely visit is Castle Howard, the great stately home that is most famous for its role in Brideshead Revisited (the original 80’s series and the movie remake).

Here’s an excellent overview of the history of the house produced by the current owners. Makes me want to visit even more!

Castle Howard – It’s a beautiful story

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    my sister & I went to Castle Howard 2 trips back. I have to say the bus ride from York, where we stayed at the Queens Hotel on the river, was something I love to think back on when I am in a daydreaming mood. I loved the castle but there was such a feeling of freedom & independence riding a city bus to a new destination…..not being herded by a tour guide…..just doing it like the locals, with locals, in our own time. I will never forget it. As for the castle, the grounds in the back with the fountain are very impressive as is the main entry hall. There is a great garden off to the side as well. There is a section in the castle that had to be rebuilt due to a fire & well that was okay. But that ride there & the walk as you approach the castle from the visitor center, are really what I will remember the most.

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