Winston Churchill Collection to go up for Auction


File this under “I wish I had a lot of money.” For the first time in years, a sizable collection of Winston Churchill related materials are going up for Auction.

From the Guardian today:

A Boer policeman described the missing prisoner in less than flattering terms: 5ft 8in, 25-year-old Englishman with a slight stoop, pale features, reddish-brown hair with an almost invisible moustache. “Speaks through his nose and cannot pronounce the letter S.” Also, “cannot speak one word of Dutch”.

The prisoner in question was Winston Churchill and the reason for the telegram was his escape from a Pretoria prisoner-of-war camp, just before Christmas 1899. The alert had little effect. The future leader had managed to vault a wall behind the toilets before sauntering down the road to a railway where he leapt onto a moving train to safety. The telegram is just one item in what is the most comprehensive private collection of Churchill items ever assembled. Christie’s today said it was to auction the hundreds of items in three sections beginning in London on June 2.

The collection, remarkable by any standards because of its historical importance, was assembled by Steve Forbes, grandson of Forbes magazine founder B C Forbes. It includes etters, books, photographs and even a cigar (unsmoked).

Sadly, the cheapest item up for auction is £1,000, putting these items out of most poeple’s price range. Still, it would be magnificent to own a piece of Winston Churchill’s life!

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  1. avatarBinden Shovel says


    I was contacted last year by a chap who had inherited some papers which related to Churchill. By chance he had read my book which you reviewed last year, Churchill’s Secret Skills and thought his letters might relate to a story from the book.

    I helped him with his research and actually got to hold a number of letters hand written and signed by churchill which was really cool.

    They eventually sold for $6,000 at auction.

    I discovered that anything with a genuine Churchill signature especially from WW1 or WW2 time is worth alot of money.

    • avatarBen Coxsedge says

      Hi, I was wondering if you could help and give me an idea of the value of a mention in despatch from Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haigh, dated July 1919, signed by Winston Churchill (secretary of state for war), that I have in my possession?


      Ben Coxsedge

  2. avatarKay Crespin says

    I have a photo of Winston Churchill from 1944. It has a small calandar on the bottom of the frame. It reads THE SKIPPER CALENDAR. On the back it has a newspaper cut out of Sir Winston Churchill (1955) and one when he was serving in the Boer War. In signature it reads To Dad From Walt
    England- 1943.

    What do you think that it’s worth.?
    Kay Crespin
    Delta, Colorado

  3. avatarBrian Chandler says

    I have an autographed photograph of Winston Chuchill, along with a half -smoked cigar of his, and a letter from Lord Montague Brown to me when I was a child (early 60s) authenticating them and asking me not to talk about it too much as “he doesn’t do this too often” . I also have a few more items of churchilliana which I believe may be quite rare.Does anyone have any ideo of the value?

  4. avatarTrudy Holland says

    I have a photograph of Winston Churchill in Africa Portrays the African people trying to lift him onto a donkey