Guest Long Read: Brit Food – 10 Delicious British Dishes Every Anglophile Should Know About – What’s Your Favorite?


British food has been accused of being boring and bland but dedicated Anglophiles know better. This article is a list of 10 British dishes every Anglophile should know about. Whether it’s their interesting story, their plain deliciousness, their … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your GCSE’s from your Primary School? An Anglophile’s Guide to the British Education System


As a native Brit (albeit one who travels to the US regularly) I often get frustrated when I read American articles which describe children according to which grade they are in. It seems standard to say, “a promising ninth-grader” or “a third grade … [Read more...]

Brit Slang: 5 English Words and Phrases That Crop Up During The World Cup Every Anglophile Should Know

Photo credit: Илья Хохлов Creative Commons.

After another disappointing World Cup exit for the England football team, there are now plenty of words and phrases usually so prevalent during the World Cup that will, for better or worse, not feature for the remainder of the tournament. For the … [Read more...]

Weird Britain: Britain’s Least Wanted VI – The Gregarious Gunslinger, Scooby Suit, Library Book Returned 61 Years Late and An Obnoxious 999 Caller

I can only assume William Duff thought he looked like this.
Image: New Line Cinema.

Well, it looks like it's time to do another Weird Crime column, so, in honour of the season finale of Martin Freeman's Fargo miniseries, here are four odd stories of crime from Britain. The Case of the Gregarious Gunslinger. As a rule, I'm a big … [Read more...]