Anglophile 101: How to Hold Your Cutlery British Style

Americans often get ridiculed when the visit Britain for the way they hold their cutlery when they eat. This short little video guides you in how to do it British Style.

I didn’t realize that after all these years, I’d actually been eating British style and I didn’t know it until I had dinner with a Brit and they were flabbergasted that I was holding my knife and fork correctly (and not switching hands)!

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  1. avatarLauren says

    I’m right-handed so I hold the fork in my right hand. I wonder how awkward it would be if I tried switching…

    Abigail, that’s the correct “polite” way to do it as far as I’m aware. Someone else may know better than I do.

  2. avatarBrittany says

    I’d rather eat with my hands. :) lol.

    But I could never use my left hand, since I’m right handed. My left hand is stupid when it comes to holding stuff.

  3. avatarCarroll says

    I prefer to eat American style since I know how to do that correctly. I don’t know enough about the nuances of the British style to feel comfortable with it. As long as one eats correctly, it shouldn’t matter which style he or she espouses.

  4. avatarHoward says

    A better term for this would be “Rest of the World Style”, since it seems that everyone else in the k&f-wielding world uses cutlery in both hands.

    I have often noticed that things which some Americans find “peculiarly British” aren’t in fact so: in the World scene it is America that’s the odd one out!