Brit Book Reviews: Debrett’s Guide to Entertain Etiquette – Learn British Traditions and Ettiquette


Britain is a very class conscious society and they take pride in their yearly traditions. The problem for an Anglophile is that it can be very difficult to navigate all the different traditions. Some are truly foreign to American sensibilities.

So, I was delighted to receive a copy of Debrett’s Guide to Entertaining Etiquette which is basically the bible of British manners and culture.

For those that don’t know Debrett’s is the font of rules and source of official information on the British aristocracy. Basically, they know about these things.

The book is hardcover, perfect as a reference tool. It’s beautifully illustrated and it’s very accessible. The book takes you through the year of British events and along the way it guides you into what you should do for a particular occasion and how you should behave.

As we plan our upcoming trip to England this Christmas, this book will be invaluable for planning our Christmas activities with our British friends.

This book is an excellent primer on everything to do with British culture. It also has a good selection of recipes that you can use. It even has the perfect recipe to make your own homemade Pimm’s.

This book is a welcome addition to the Anglotopia library and we high recommend it for those curious about British culture throughout the year.

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  1. avatarDeanna says

    Thanks for posting the review. I just ordered it and for some reason, Amazon deducted some sort of $5 off promotion, so I got free shipping and $5 off. I just returned Sunday from two weeks in England and am already making a list of stuff I want to see the next time I go. Probably five years from now, as that seems to be the time it takes us to save up for another trip!