Video: 9 British Food Dishes Every Anglophile Should Try

British food has a bad reputation, but in this new video from BBC America, Siobhan Thompson’s sets the record straight, offering nine tasty U.K. dishes that will quiet the naysayers.

Some of these dishes look delicious. This video is a fun and lighthearted look at British cuisine.

Source – Anglophenia.


  1. avatarGilford says

    Why does this person with a scarecrow haircut keep slagging off on Americans in this video. The harshest criticism of British food (completely undeserved IMO) comes from ignorant tools on the continent. Witness for example the Germans and the Dutch, neither of whom has a digestible cuisine but somehow thinks British food is crap.

    PS, leave off of pot pies. They’re the same as savory pies and quite good.

  2. avatarjjandarh says

    Gilford; Pot pies are nothing like British savory pies. Our pies usually have a filling/sauce that can be identified, unlike typical “bought-in-the-store” pot pies that have some sort of goo holding the previously frozen mixed veggies and unrecognizable “meat” together. I’ve lived in the UK and now in North America, so have experienced both and the British pie wins hands down. And why the reference to her (nice) haircut. Missed off the list are things like custard and bakewell tarts, donner kebabs, yes, fish&chips, roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, apple crumble, treacle tart. The list goes on, and on…. thanks for some reminders of the things I’m missing now that I no longer live in England!

  3. avatarHelen says

    As a Brit living in the US for the last 17 years, I was quite embarrassed by my fellow Brit who presented this. It was completely unnecessary to criticise US food while promoting British food! Not the point, in my mind. Yes, there are cultural differences, but that is why we enjoy traveling and living in another country. I agree, pot pies can be delicious!

  4. avatarTerry M. says

    Steak and kidney pie is my favourite, followed by mince beef and onion. Can’t beat a good beef suet pudding. Only place I’ve had good fish and chips is England. Also love the haggis and chips in Scotland. My Brit wife makes the best batter pudding (learned from her Nan) and we have it for Thanksgiving and Christmas and many days in between. Batter pudding and corned beef is killer. This Yank loves Brit food and can’t wait for our September trip back to Scotland/England to pig out on some good British nosh.

  5. avatar says

    It was a cheeky video with a cheeky presenter – absolutely charming! We needn’t criticize people for their appearance; her haircut is quite in fashion. My favorite, favorite British food is Yorkshire pudding with gravy. And I actually love stewed tomatoes any time of day.

    Not mentioned: Banoffee pie – I’ve never had it, but I’ve heard such wonderful things about it that I may have to make it myself. I’m sure it won’t be as good as when I finally have it on my next trip to England.

  6. avatarAnon says

    I’ve never understood why English food has such a bad reputation. The steak and ale pie in London and the Sunday carvery somewhere in Lancashire were some of the best meals I’ve ever had. (And I live in Chicago. We’re not exactly short on really, really good food.) Rounding off my castle tour with a cream tea was bliss. Yorkshire pudding is deceptively amazing and I’m so happy to see it get so many mentions here!

  7. avatarjane says

    Hah, yes, she just has that sarcastic sense of humour as us Brits do (and she is very pretty & has a great personality!) What about the humble pork pie? Have to give that a mention. As for dessert, trifle for me please! :)

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