Top Ten Tips to British Sartorial Style – How to Dress Like an English Gentleman


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Michael Pegrum from about the most important aspect of British Sartorial Style. If you’re interested in getting an affordable and properly fitting tailored suit – check out their website here.

Here are some sartorial tailoring tips in British Style by Michael Pegrum from tailors A Suit That

1. Show off with Slyness

Remember less is more when it comes to clothes. You will appear to be more stylish with subtle detailing rather than flashy loud ones. Understated details like contrast stitching on the buttonhole or lapel are a simple way to show someone you are super stylish. British style is about showing off slyly.

2. It’s Important That it Fits

Get a suit that really fits. A suit that fits your body perfectly really makes someone look very ‘together’, even when they aren’t!

3. Stick with Timeless Style

Stick to timeless tailoring rather than the trendy. Trends come and go and come to look dated very quickly. Classic British tailoring has and will always looked both contemporary and stylish and will always be timeless.

4. Personality

Show some of your personality. A suit is for you to wear, so really let some of your personality show through in the design and style.


5. Proper Colours

Opt for colours that suit your skin tone. If you have a pale skin tone you may want to opt for a dark suit and bold coloured shirt. Alternatively, if you have a darker skin tone you may want to choose paler colours. Neutral grey tones tend to compliment every skin and hair tone.

6. Versatility

Go for something versatile. Try and pick colours that you can match with a wide range of different coloured accessories. Also perhaps aim for a jacket that you can wear casually with jeans. At A Suit That our style advisors work with our customers to create suits that fit in with the rest of the customer’s wardrobe, so they are able to wear garments as much as possible.

7. Quality

Go for a great quality fabric that will really last the test of time. A good quality fabric will fall better, last longer and look smarter.

8. Be Comfortable

Feel comfortable. Whether you go for a slim or relaxed fit, you must make sure that you feel comfortable. The suit is for YOU after all! With A Suit That one can choose from a relaxed fit, slim fit or ultra fitted.

9. Don’t Fear

Don’t be afraid to contrast. Perhaps you could opt for a solid colour on top with bright trousers? You could even mix patterns. You can wear stripes, paisleys and spots together if you want to evoke a quirky look. Perhaps you could wear a paisley tie and a striped pocket square?

10. Pride

Wear you suit with pride!

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Do have any good tips on good British Style?

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  1. avatarGreg says

    I lived in Britain for a while when I was a student, and the British have always known how to dress, although while I was there it didn’t seem to be as prominant as in the past. But for me, I think it is important for a man to dress as a man, whether in a suit or business casual, or a pair of nice “adult” jeans with a button-down and loafers or boat shoes. There are too many adults today, especially here in the states, that tend to dress like they are still 16 years old, or they wear tatty clothing. I honestly believe that America has lost alot of it’s class. Just compare the way men dressed back in the fifties through the eighties as compared to the immature and trashy way that alot of adult men dress today.