Fun Link: 10 Words Britons Shouldn’t Say in America

This is a great post from the always awesome Everywhereist on some words or phrases Britons should avoid saying while spending time in America.

Here’s an excerpt:

Diary: In the U.K., a “diary” is what we Americans would call a “calendar” or a “planner”. So, when we told a friend in the U.K that we wanted to have dinner of Thursday, and he replied, “I’m going to put it in my diary,” he was probably not deserving of all the ridicule we dished out. Because here, it’s something teenage girls write in. As in,

“Dear Diary,

Today Tom Critchlow came to town and I have never been happier. I haven’t been this excited since [insert Twilight reference].



(Not an actual excerpt from Rand’s diary, which is sealed with a heart-shaped lock that I can’t bear to pick. A man’s girlish dreams are his alone.)

Read the rest here – it’s hilarious!

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  1. avatarLeigh Mariana says

    I diary means both a calendar as in “put it in the dairy” and is also what Americans refer to as a journal “I keep a diary” so yeah….it’s both :)