Humor: The Stereotype Map of Britain (and Europe)

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An artist over on DevantArt named Martin Vargic has made a funny map of the world based on a particular country’s popularly believed stereotypes. The result is both funny and offensive, depending on where you’re from.

I’ve cut out the part about Britain and shared it above – it’s pretty funny. (click the image to view it larger)

Click here to see the whole world map – as a map geek it’s rather enjoyable to look at. The artist is selling prints of the map so you can buy it for yourself.


Read More at Anglotopia


  1. avatarMinerva says

    Not much there for England……a missed opportunity I should say, since most countries normally can’t wait to take the rise out of us, & we are SO up for it!

    Bit odd to see a cider factory in Leeds though! Not exactly apple country, more your roast beef & yorkshire puds.

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