Video: Bad British Commentary of NFL Football – Hilarious Video!

Check out this hilarious video simply called Bad British Commentary of British Football. It’s a very hilarious look at America’s popular sport by someone who doesn’t really understand it.

From the video description:

Britain’s premier sports commentator ANTHONY RICHARDSON is back to announce this year’s Superbowl Semi Finals between Alabama and Notre Dame. Nice of the NFL to include a French team, but the Parisian Cathedral came up short in this thrilling encounter, which seemed to end after only 3 and a half minutes.

Try to keep in mind that it’s all a joke! (Of course a college football game is not the Super Bowl).


  1. avatarHarry the Horse says

    There was an attempt to popularise American Football in the UK in the 80s but it died a death. There are a few amateur teams playing each other here but I think that’s about it. The rules were the problem. And inactivity between plays. How many are on a team for God’s sake? Rugby, both League and Union, is a far more fluid and exciting game, played without all the ridiculous armour.

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