White House Gift Gate Continues

I’ve vented my frustration over the last few weeks over Gordon Brown’s treatment at the hands of the Obama administration. And now there’s salt to rub into the wound.

So, we gave Gordon a DVD set of classic Hollywood movies. Well, it turns out he sat down to watch one the other day and guess what?

The DVD’s were for Region 1 coded. Meaning they could not be played outside of North America.

(Massive Diplomatic Facepalm).

I’m so sorry Prime Minister. So sorry.

Check out the Article in the Telegraph Today.

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  1. avatar says

    I still don’t understand how this is such a huge deal. It is incredibly easy to make a DVD player region free. I have done it to every DVD player I have ever owned. All you have to do is Google the model number of your DVD player and “hack” and it tells you how to get to the menu where you can switch your DVD player to region free. If No. 10 can figure out Twitter, I can imagine one of his aides must be able to figure this out.

    I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys international travel, it really opens you up to so many options. Especially when it comes to TV shows.