Brit Product Review: A Delicious Cuppa from the Paisley Tea Compay

The Paisley Tea Company by Two Leaves and Bud Tea Company  based in Basalt Colorado has managed to bring together fair trade, organic tea and value in one delicious cup of tea. Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company has been making delicious whole leaf tea for the past seven years. Recently they have decided to venture into the world of English style tea, creating the Paisley Tea Company.

I had the chance to sample  the English Breakfast tea and the Decaf Breakfast Tea. Both  teas were  flavorful and delicious. Aside from taste, I think a good cuppa needs to be the right color, a nice rich tan color (after milk is added.) Paisley’s tea was a feast for the senses; it tasted, smelled and looked just perfect. The best part was that it was so simple to make. I normally prefer loose leaf tea, instead of tea bags, but in this case the tea bags were every bit as good, if not better than my normal loose leaf tea. I think Paisley’s founder, Richard Rosenfeld,  said  it best, “It’s bold, it’s strong, and you don’t have to think, you just drink it. Brew it up, add some milk and there you have it.”

I also really enjoyed that these teas are fair trade teas. Usually in my experience, fair trade usually means more expensive, but for a good reason. It was nice to see that Paisley Tea Company is making this wonderful product and making it affordable too. I also really liked that all of the Paisley Teas are completely organic. As if it that wasn’t enough all of the Paisley Tea Company’s teas are verified Non-GMO as well.

If you’d like to find out more about Paisley Tea Company and the different varieties of tea that they offer, check out their website by clicking here. It’s excellent whole leaf tea!

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