Video: British Airways – To Fly. To Serve.

British Airways premiered their latest commercial the other day to thunderous applause. Here’s another video they’ve released since. With the launch of their new campaign, they look at what ‘To Fly. To Serve.’ means to some of our colleagues.

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  1. avatarBrad says

    I like British Airways. I’ve had the privilege of flying with them numerous times in all of their classes and I have to say, their service is generally very good. However, I’ve had a few instances of bad service which I wrote to them to complain about. To this day I’ve never received a reply from them. The last one very nearly made me swear off ever flying with them again. Talking to people in the UK, I’ve run across many who’ve had the same experience. They love to hear about what they do right but they will almost never acknowledge the things they do wrong. Yes, they have excellent service, but when they slip up, they fail to acknowledge it. I hope they really do try to live up to this motto. To Fly. To Serve.