Anglophile Alert: Want to Visit Highclere Casta aka Downton Abbey? Book NOW!

Many fans of the hit show Downton Abbey will want to pay a visit to the great house itself called Highclere Castle. There are many options available to tour the house (which we covered before here).

But you can also visit the house on your own but you have to plan far in advance. Because it’s still very much a private home – and will also be closed for the filming of series 4 – it’s only open a few days this year. On top of this, there’s only a limited number of tickets available and if they sell out – that’s it.

The Highclere Castle Website has just released the open dates for 2013 and made online ticket booking available. They sold out in days last year – so if you plan to visit Highclere Castle at any point this year, you need to book tickets NOW.

Check the dates and buy tickets here.

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  1. avatarDenise says

    I went last May on the Brit Movie tour. We were taken to the town where the village is filmed as well as Highclere. They even played the video in the van … with the music from the show playing in the background we all had shivers as we entered the grounds & were delivered to the front door. The trip to Highclere is well worth the money no matter how you chose to get there, & it was a highlight of our trip!