Video: British Airways Pilots has a Hobby Piloting Hot Air Balloons

This fun video introduces British Airways Senior First Officer Matthew Nicholson and his passion for flight.

Beautiful footage of the British countryside!

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  1. avatar says

    ‘5/11′, The Gunpowder Plot play, by Edward Kemp.

    For those of your readers that are in London this week, this play gives a fascinating insight into why Brits, and the English in particular, light bonfires and fireworks every year on 5 November (Guy Fawkes night).

    Both an action-packed political thriller and history brought to life, 5/11 is set against the backdrop of the religious divide between Catholics and Protestants, the last days of Elizabeth 1 and the Union between England and Scotland under James 1. It features a large cast, colourful costumes, a choir, sword-fights, a pageant, an execution and a live dodo.

    At The Bridewell Theatre, Bride Lane, off Fleet Street, EC4Y 8EQ, the show runs until Saturday 5 Nov, performances at 7.45pm (also 3pm on Saturday 5 Nov). Tickets 020 7353 1700; on-line booking