British Slang: Talk Like a Scouser – Your Guide to the Liverpool British English Accent – Video Inside


Scouse English is primarily spoken in the Merseyside area of England and it’s closely associated with the city of Liverpool and its surrounding areas. The Scouse accent is highly distinctive and has little in common with those used in the neighboring regions of Cheshire and Lancashire. A nickname for someone from this area is simply a ‘scouser.’ (pronounced ScoWser as in wow).

Here is an excellent short video on the Scouse Accent where you actually get to hear it – will help translate the words below!

Here is a small selection of words associated with Scouse English – but as with other English dialect, there is overlap with others.

‘ad off – Someone else’s poor fortune.
‘ang on a mo’ – please wait a moment.
‘ave off – a spot of impro- vised good fortune.
‘ar ‘ey – Oh no!
Arl arse – Cruel.
Arl Fella – Father
Auld baig – Old woman. pron; Owld baig.
Az if – I don’t believe that.
Bail – Go Away.
Beaut – An idiot
Better beaut – An extreme idiot
Bevied up – Drunk.
Bevvy – Beer
Bifter – A cigarette or joint
Bizzies, ‘de – The Police.
Blag – Lie.
Blaggin’ me ‘ead – Lying to me.
Blert – A lightweight. Usually from down south.
Blind scouse – Vegetarian version of the scouse national dish.
Bombed out church, de’ – St. Luke’s.
Boss – Very good.
Butty – Sandwich.
Clobber – Clothes.
Cocky, de’ – Night watch- man.
Come ‘ead – Lets go. Lets do it.
Crocky – Croxteth district. North end.
de’ – The.
Deffo – Definitely.
Divvy – A stupid person.
Do one – Go away.
Echo, ‘de – Liverpool’s evening newspaper that is written and staffed by fools.
Fat Wap – An overweight person.
Gary Ablett’s – Ecstasy tablets.
Geggin’ in – To join in on something when you aren’t invited.
Giz – Give.
Gobshite – Annoying Person or someone who does something stupid.
Is right – I agree.
Is wrong – An argumentative response to is right.
Jarg – counterfeit, fake, poor quality.
Jerk in bed – Birkenhead; a town on the wrong side of the River Mersey.
Jigger – 1. A girocheque. 2. A back alleyway.
Kidder – See la’.
Knock off – Stolen goods.
Knowsley – Officially not Scouseland.
Kopite – LFC (Liverpool Football Club) fan.
La’ – Lad.
Lid – See la’.
Made up – Very happy about something.
Manc – A lowly cotton mill worker.
Meff – A smelly, badly dressed person.
N’ dat – Something else.
No need – An exclamation of disapproval.
Noggsy – Norris Green district of the city. North end.
North End, de’ – Northend of the city eg. Noggsy, Crocky, de’ Brook, Walton.
On one – To act in a reckless manner.
On top te fuck – A bad situation.
On you – Staking a claim for next go on a spliff.
Ozzy, de’ – Hospital.
Paddy’s Wigwam – The Catholic Cathedral.
Plazee Scouser – A person who adopts a Scouse accent and mannerisms in attempt to appear cool.
Posh twat – Someone from certain areas of the south end or from down south.
Probe – Legendary Liverpool record label and record store.
Professional Scouser – eg. Jimmy Tarbuck, Cilla Black, Stan Boardman.
Rocket – Beginning and end of the M62 motorway.
Royal’ozzy – The Royal Hospital.
Sack it la’ – Stop that. Don’t do it.
Sayers pastie – Scousers lunch.
Scally – Archetypal Liverpool youth.
Scratch – Signing on the dole.
Shanks – The legendary Bill Shankly.
Skag Head – Heroin addict.
Slotted a boss hatrick – Scored 3 goals.
Soft Lad – Friendly name for a fool.
Sou-ey – Southport, an affluent and small former resort town north of the city. Famous for being robbed blind during English Bank Holidays.
South End, de’ – South end of the city eg. Aigy, Speke, Garston see Mud Man, Allerton.
Sozz – Sorry.
Speke – Airport now re-branded as John Lennon International. Also district. South end.
Swerve on it – Not bother with it.
Ta’ – Thank you.
Tellin’ ye’ – Emphasizing agreement.
Texan – A beaut with a high opinion of him/herself.
Tocky – Toxteth district of the city. South end.
Trabs – Sports shoes.
Wabs – Ganja.
Whopper – An idiot.
Woolyback / Wool – A person from Runcorn, Wirral, Wigan, Warrington, Southport etc.
Ye ma – Your mother.
Ye wha? – Pardon.
Yez/Youz – You (plural).
You’ll Never Walk Alone – LFC anthem. Show tune popular- ized by Gerry and his ferry.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. avatarKim_Robinson says

    Very interesting! My father (American) was a linguist and having spent a lot of time in England could articulate the various dialects with great skill at the drop of a hat.

  2. avatarSarah says

    I’ve got another couple for you…
    Ar Kid – Sibling (either older or younger)
    Bluenose – Supporter of Everton FC
    Cheers – Thank you.

  3. avatarRay says

    Any one know what the word ‘get’ mean as ‘you stupid get’ the phrase was in the the Beatles song ‘I’m so tired’ Sung by John Lennon

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