Introducing a New UK Tour Company: Britain Your Way Tours isn’t for everyone … but it might be the perfect solution for you – $100 off for Anglotopia Readers


I’m Sheila Stone and I love to travel.  I’ve done a lot of traveling independently but know there’s a downside to going it alone. For one thing, it can get lonely; there’s no one to share the experience with. For another thing, it can get costly; there’s no one to share expenses with.  (Not to mention you’ve got the work of researching and dealing with all the logistics!)

Conversely, going on a big tour wasn’t very appealing either. I don’t like being herded about and seeing the world through a tour bus window wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

So I created Britain Your Way Tours which combines the positive aspects of the two extremes.  Our groups are really intimate – only 6-10 people.  Tours this size are usually only available on expensive, high-end trips.

Being small gives more flexibility and allows us to stay in locally-owned hotels or B&Bs rather than give our business to a multi-national corporation.   We’re able to travel like locals, by trains, taxis, and the Tube.  We can be flexible if something interesting comes up.

Our pace is leisurely – your memories won’t end up as a “If-this-is-Tuesday-it-must-be-Brighton” blur!  (True, you may not see as much, but you’re more likely to remember what you saw!)  You get ample free time to explore on your own because it’s frustrating being rushed from place to place.

We go off the beaten path rather than spend the whole trip checking off tourist sights.  We meet locals.  We travel in shoulder season – which is not as expensive or crowded as high season.

I’m an anthropologist, history buff, and spent time living in the UK so what you see gets put into cultural and historical context; it’s not just one bunch of “old stuff” after another.  I’m also a former stand-up comedian and unabashed Anglophile.  So I will always try to be entertaining – and there’ll be no lack of enthusiasm!

On a BYW Tour, you won’t get nickel-and-dimed to death.  All accommodation (usually double occupancy), ground transportation, and admissions are included.  Most tours include two meals a day, usually breakfast and multi-course dinner.  (The exception is the Such-A-Deal tour which is designed to keep an eye on costs while not sacrificing priceless experiences.  We stay in budget hotels and only breakfast is included in the price, keeping the initial cost down while allowing more control over your budget.)

You never have to tip guides or drivers. If you choose to do some shopping, rest assured that I’m not getting a kickback for the recommendations I make.  And – being the frugal sort – I know places to get good deals!

International airfare, remaining meals, snacks, alcoholic beverages, and free time expenses are not included.

If you mention when you book, you can get $100 off your tour booking.  And if you bring a friend (or even two) they get $100 off too!

Americans have the shortest vacations in the industrial world. Your vacation time is a precious commodity, don’t waste it!  


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