Games Calling: London, Here I Come!

So here I am, sitting at an airport in Tampa, Florida waiting for my flight to London, about to fulfill a dream I concocted about five years ago when I first heard London would host the Olympic Games.   The thought of actually going to London for an extended period of time was kind of a pipe dream – something I just thought about, but didn’t actually do.

I put in my Gamesmaker application in October 2010 and I thought it was a long shot – how would I get so much time off work, save enough money, find a  place to stay? By May 2011, when I  had a phone interview, I started to think, ‘I probably wouldn’t have an  interview if I didn’t have a chance’. And I learned an important lesson about the five hour time difference between Florida and London -I thought  my phone interview was at 1pm London time, 6pm Eastern time, so when my phone rang at 8 a.m., I was none too keen to answer it (have we discussed that I’m not a morning person?)! But I did — Thankfully,  my subconscious is better at all determining time zone changes than my brain!

In December, when I received an email congratulating me on being selected as a Gamesmaker, it was one of the Christmas gifts ever.  Since, then, my needs have materialized in perfect serendipity. Clearly, this is what I’m meant to do.

And as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight, I’m thankful to those who helped me make it happen, and I cant wait for what’s next.

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  1. avatarCat says

    Sounds like the culmination of ur dream is coming true. It’s one less thin on ur bucket list to cross off. Have fun & look forward to ur next entry.

  2. avatarJohn Shubin says


    Do you mind me asking how did you get a Work Visa to Volunteer for the Olympics? I was given an interview by Game makers but couldnt move furthur because I couldnt not find an individual or a company to sponsor me a Visa to Volunteer!

    Its not like I was to be paid or anything? Any help you could give me would Greatly be appreciated!

    Depressed about not being able to Volunteer,
    John Shubin
    Covina, CA

      • avatarJohn Shubin says

        Yeah, Not true… During my interview, they stoped it due to me not having a visa! Went to the British Govt website and to be able to get a Visa for athe olympics, you had to be an Athelete, etc. They did not give them to Voulenteers! :-(