Guide to Packing for a Trip to London – Britain Trip Packing Tips

The first trip I ever took to England, I packed a suitcase so large, I could have slept in. I also brought a smaller suitcase. In all, I think I had packed my entire wardrobe! Needless to say, I NEVER did that again. Over time, I have learned how to pack for England, look great while there, and not lug around my entire wardrobe.

So Here are my Top 11 Tips To Ensure You Are Properly Packed for Trip To England:

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  1. avatar says

    Great article, Jackie. As ‘a woman of a certain age’, I make sure my prescription medicine is also packed in my carry-on, and *always* an extra week’s worth – just in case.

  2. avatar says

    Hi – I live in the UK (Norwich to be precise) and found your site interesting. I’m guessing that you are missing the word “not” in your last sentence for item 5 as I would imagine you would “not wish your precious souvenirs to be crushed in your luggage.

    Wise point made by Denise re: any medication that you may be on.

    Have a look at taking at look at Norwich (Norfolk, UK) … if in the UK.. not too far away from London and a lovely City.


  3. avatarMathew says

    These are really very useful tips and I really liked reading this post. I also think that you are missing “not” in your last sentence for item 5 .


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  4. avatarRyan says

    On my first trip (and only to this day) to London, my family of four decided to pack about 5 huge suitcases worth of clothing, electronics, and likely plenty of things we didn’t need. Then, we decided that we would forgo the usual London Cab (missed a great opportunity there) by taking the Tube to our hotel, which was across the world as far as we were concerned. Yeah, we will never do that again. To make it even worse, that morning, our trip began in Vienna, Austria. After having to take both my cousin’s BMW 5-Series Touring (driven by her driver) and an additional taxi to get to the train station, we had to travel to Linz, then somehow get to the airport, where we, after paying many hundreds of Euros more than expected due to our excess baggage, boarded a Ryanair flight to London-Stansted. Then we took a bus to Victoria Station, managed to get our bags down the stairs with the help of a few ever-so-friendly Londoners, and managed to arrive at North Acton Station, where we then learnt that lifts were not so common in London. Luckily, another friendly Londoner, a policeman, helped us get our bags up this time, and another was quick to guide us in the direction of our hotel, just until it was visible.

    That was the most hectic day I’ve ever experienced, but it was also the most memorable, certainly so. I love you, London, but next time I’m packing light.