Guide to Traveling to London With an iPhone – International Roaming


Capitalizing on the popularity of my recent guide to London related iPhone apps, I thought it might be a good idea to put together a post about issues you’ll face traveling internationally with an iPhone.

Over the last two years, there have been several stories to hit the mainstream media talking about people who’ve gone a trip abroad, used their iPhone and gotten home to the shock of a $10,000 phone bill. While the iPhone is a revolution for travelers – due to the unfair pricing practices of AT&T, iPhone users must be careful on how they use their iPhone while traveling.

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  1. avatarShawn says

    And as someone who just got back from a trip to London in which I brought my iPod Touch as my only piece of technology, I’m going to strongly suggest that you get a *good* adapter and charger. All of the above is moot when your battery is dead and you’re stuck at the airport without a USB port from which to boost enough power to get to your phone contacts needed to find a ride home. *grumble* My charger/adapter came from DealExtreme and died after three charges (I should have known…)

  2. avatar says

    Wouldn’t this be so much easier if AT&T unlocked the iPhone and you could get a “top-up” SIM card from O2? Oh, but that would be simple. 😉

    No hate for iPhone – I was a former user and loved it – but some of the limits enforced by the iPhone at AT&T are a tad ridiculous.

  3. avatar says

    You can’t use the American iPhone on O2? That is ridiculous! Shame on you AT&T. FYI, if you are on AT&T and have an international calling plan (different from the international ROAMING plan) you will lose your special international rates while the roaming plan is activated. Please be aware that if you are used to paying their reduced rates for international calling (which are the best if you are wondering) then you won’t have those same rates when the international roaming package is activated.

  4. avatarjeff says

    The best, clearest, most detailed-yet concise overview of the iPhone Abroad Dilemma and some of its solutions..Someday, AT & T ‘ll get it together and be a bit more reasonable–and practical.


  5. avatarBethany says

    Thank you thank you thank you! I am about to go to London with my family and this is exactly the information that I needed!

  6. avatarJ. Magon says

    A mobile wifi from Tep Wireless gives you wifi wherever you want in the UK. $1GB for $60. Vs 50MB from AT&T for the same price

  7. avatarFrank says

    I’m in London;

    Buy a $30 pay as u go phone from vodafone store (or carphone warehouse)
    Buy a $30 freedom pack 300 mins and unlimited texts. Top up as needed
    Create vodafone login and register phone and here why; when you add the totally free “international dialing” option, you can call USA for less than 0.08c (5p) a minute.
    Buy a USB 3G dongle from vodafone. $15 for dongle. $25 for 3GB / month pay as you go data plan.

    Throw it all away when done or keep for future trips. AT&T just don’t get it, all of the above is 10x less than using them in UK.

  8. avatarFrank says

    Oh and combine this with everything said in the blog. When you see an incoming call on your iPhone, ignore it and use Vodafone 0.08c a
    Min phone and call that number straight back. Also use the vodafone to check AT&T voicemail … Spread the word

  9. avatarJason says

    Have you guys heard of mificlub? I used it when I visited London. They pretty much give you a mifi so you have wifi wherever you are all over UK. Highly recommended.