Our England Trip Plans

When this post is published, there will be 19 days until our trip to Britain. Our Plans are progressing nicely. I thought this would be a good time to share our plans with everyone who may be curious as to what we’ll be up to.

First off, we had originally planned a 10 day European odyssey when we won the British Airways Face to Face contest. However, my employer put the breaks on that plan when they would not allow me to take off all the time I needed to take full advantage of the prize (even unpaid days off). I’m being a good sport about it – I have quite possibly the best job in the world and I’m grateful for the time off they are giving me. Besides that just means the trip is cheaper! So, now we’re going to be in England for 5 days and coming home before Thanksgiving.

Here’s our detailed itinerary:

Tuesday, November 17th

BA Face to Face Event at O’hare in Chicago and we depart for London at 5pm in the evening. Hopefully we’ll be able to sleep on the plane.

Wednesday, November 18th

Arrive in London at 7am
There’s a series of events in the morning, which I haven’t decided if we’ll skip.
We have the day to do what we will. Though we’ll be pretty jetlagged.
Cocktail Hour for BA Face to Face Winners at the Orangery at Kensington Palace
We’re Staying at the Easy Hotel in South Kensington for Two Nights

Thursday, November 19th

Our only full day in London
As Lisa posted about Yesterday, we’ll be showing her around town for the day. We’ll get to be proper tourists

Friday, November 20th

Leave on an Early Southwest Trains for Salisbury
Getting Tour of Salisbury by Matt Penny
Heading onto Shaftesbury in the Afternoon
Staying at Updown Cottage on Gold Hill for 2 Nights

Saturday, November 21st

One day of Bucolic Shaftesbury Dorset Bliss
One thing we will be doing is climbing Melbury Hill. Both of us (long story)

Sunday, November 22nd

Leave Shaftesbury and go Directly to Heathrow.
Come home to Chicago

This trip is going to be short and sweet. We’re not going to be able to do many of the things that we planned, but we’re making the best of it and it will still be awesome. We haven’t been to Britain for almost 3 years, so I’ll take 5 days over no days.

Sadly, due to the shortness of our trip, I’ve made a major decision. I know I planned to blog about our trip while we were there, but I really don’t think we’re going to have the time or be near enough to a computer for long enough.

So, I will not be blogging our trip while we’re in England. Don’t worry, though, I’ll write all about our trip when we get back. I do plan to update Twitter throughout the trip, I’ll post what we’re doing, post pictures and maybe videos from my iPhone.

Another side affect of the trip – I’ve gotten countless offers from people in Britain to take me for a pint. I was looking forward to taking everyone up on this, but sadly, I’m not going to have the time so I will have to politely decline requests for pints.

The day we arrive in London also happens to be the State Opening of Parliament – one of the biggest days of British Pomp and Circumstance during the year. I watch it every year on TV (it’s aired on C-SPAN) and I don’t know if I’ll be able to pass up a chance to see it in the flesh – along with the Queen. However, doing so means we would miss all the BA Face to Face Events. So, I haven’t decided what we’ll do yet.

19 Days Until Takeoff!

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  1. avatar says

    Enjoy!! shame you can’t make it to Devonshire, BUT in a way you can!!! Devonshire Tea is stocked by Charlie and his great team at Turnbull’s Deli in Shaftesbury.. There they serve it in the Cafe and sell the 1st Edition Gift Boxes in the Deli iteself… Have a GREAT trip!!