So, We’re Going to London on Sunday

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know that we’re leaving for London Sunday. I wanted to tell everyone about it, our plans and how it came about. If this does not interest you – then by all means skip this post.

We hadn’t planned on a trip to London this year at all. We were saving our money for the future and continuing to build Anglotopia. Then a couple weeks ago, a couple opportunities presented themselves that would require our (or at least my) physical presence in London.

We looked into the cost of me going by myself on a mini-business trip to get things sorted out and it being July and only a few weeks notice, prices were understandably insane. The opportunities were fantastic – but it would have stung quite a bit to spend such a big part of our savings.

Many of you may remember that we won the British Airways Face to Face contest last year and that’s how we got to Britain last time. It was a dream trip – the culmination of years of hard work building this site and being recognized by BA as a valuable partner to them.

One of the perks of the trip (besides the free trip!) was that I got in touch with a lot of great folks at British Airways who were very keen to work together with us. I’ve been in touch with them since and we’ve planned to have special promotions but BA’s recent labor troubles put the brakes on any special promotions for the time being.

On a lark – I decided to reach out to my contacts at British Airways and see if there was anyway they could send us a coupon (as they had for Face to Face winners before) to soften the blow of sending me to London next week. They one-upped me and offered to fly both my wife and I as guests of British airways so we could make our meetings. All they asked in return was that we write about the experience flying BA and cover it on Twitter and Facebook.

You can imagine our surprise, shock and instant excitement at the prospect. The scope of the quick trip changed into a week long vacation sprinkled with business throughout the week. So not only do we get to make our important face to face meetings in London but we’ll also get to spend a week in London in the summer – something neither of us have ever done together.

We’re very grateful to British Airways for providing us this opportunity. It’s a huge blessing and will help us take Anglotopia to the next level. Special thanks must go out to my wonderful boss Michelle O’Hagan for giving me the time off on such short notice and being so supportive of my outside of work activities.

It’s going to be a great trip, we have a lot of exciting meetings lined up, a list of sites to see and marching orders to enjoy ourselves even though it’s mostly a business trip. We’ll be staying in a friend’s flat while we’re in town so we can pretend to live like locals for the week.

Posting will be light from Sunday. We’ll post about our trip in detail and our experience with British Airways when we return July 12th. Until then, follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see our updates during the trip (we’ll post pictures, tips and what we’re up to). We’ll also aggregate our Twitter updates into daily digests so you can keep up to speed on the site.

And yes, we do greatly appreciate the irony of leaving for England on the 4th of July.

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  1. avatar says

    Excellent to see dedication and enthusiasm rewarded (okay hard work too), I am looking forward to meeting you both. Safe Journey