Video: How to make the perfect cup of tea with Fortnum & Mason

Make the perfect cup of tea with Fortnum’s tea specialist, Margot Cooper.

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  1. avatar says

    Lovely video. And, of course, the woman was using the proper size pot for the amount of loose tea she was using. However, directions like this – the “per person” method of measuring – are easily misunderstood, resulting in people putting two teaspoons of tea in a 32-ounce pot! I much prefer directions given as I’ve done here – – under How to Make A Proper Cup of Tea. One must know the capacity of the teapot or how many ounces of water are being used. I’ve seen too many people put in one teaspoon per person for two people and then filling their 32-ounce teapot to the brim, resulting in a very weak brew.