Video: Streets of London – Covent Garden (WC2) – Trafalgar Sq. – Piccadilly – Harrods – King´s Rd (SW3)

Our Streets of London t-shirt has been very popular so far. I just love walking the streets of London and it being a cold day here in Indiana I found a great way to explore the streets of London from Anglotopia Towers. A chap on YouTube has uploaded a series of videos driving through central London in HD. There nothing terribly exciting but you get to go on a drive in London with the radio playing in the background. It’s the next best thing to being there. Here’s our favorite video so far.


There’s still 5 days left to get your Streets of London t-shirt:

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    • avatarMary says

      I don’t understand how the congestion charge works. I saw on Top Gear, I think they called in paid. How do they know you are in an area where you should pay?

      • avatar says

        They have cameras setup at the entrance to the zone that photographs all the number plates as they enter and exit. You have a certain amount of time to pay your charge if you entered the zone (online or on the phone) and then you if you don’t pay up in time, you get fined.

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