Oliver’s Travels: Three Romantic UK Destinations Worth Flirting With For Valentine’s Day


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For a day that’s supposed to be all about love and caring, after a while Valentine’s Day can start to feel a lot like a

competition. Not only do you have to beat (or at least equal) your partner’s gift in terms of thoughtfulness and expense, you also have to ensure that whatever’s been planned for the day lives up to everything your friends have arranged for their own particular loved ones. If you’re stuck choosing between a sweet and simple meal out or an all-expenses paid trip round the world, here’s a novel idea: stay in the UK, but spend your weekend – or week! – in the secluded luxury of one of these beautiful stately homes.

The Cotswolds


With its rolling green hills, age-old woodland and stunning lakes, the Cotswolds provide a backdrop that could’ve come straight out of Jane Austen – and if the memory of Mr Darcy’s white shirt isn’t enough to set the mood, nothing will be! Film enthusiasts will also love knowing the Wiltshire village of Lacock has a résumé that includes Pride and Prejudice‘s Meryton, Cranford, and even Tudor England in The Other Boleyn Girl. Spend the day touring these beautiful locations, then head back to the Cow Byre cottage to experience life in a historic village for yourselves – or perhaps just curl up on the sofa with a DVD box set?

South Wales


Most people looking for couples’ houses to rent for the weekend might not think to search for an ancient tower that dates back to the 14th century, but that’s exactly what you’ll find waiting for you in this idyllic corner of south Wales. The Tower Gatehouse provides a magical base from which you and your loved one can stroll through the surrounding forests and rivers on long wintry walks, with a wood-burning stove and cosy blankets waiting to warm you up back at home.



Getting back to nature isn’t every couple’s idea of a romantic weekend, but if the words ‘grey goose’ still make you think of game rather than a vodka, you’ll be right at home in the Gamekeeper Cottage. The home itself is opulently supplied with everything from a hot tub to a flat screen television, but outside your window the wilds of Herefordshire are just waiting to be explored, with fishing, bird-watching, clay-pigeon shooting and even llama trekking on offer just a short walk away.

Still, if these amazing properties aren’t quite what you’re looking for in a Valentine’s love-nest, head to Oliver’s Travels to find a huge – and highly romantic! – selection of luxury villas to rent.

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  1. avatarDale says

    Has EVERY SINGLE GUEST ACCOMMODATION in the British Isles been whited out and filled with minimalist furniture and flat-screen TVs? Is there not a single place left with the patina of centuries and a smoking fireplace and a few drafts?

  2. avatar says

    Quite the opposite! On our site you’ll find we’ve got 170 properties in the UK and Ireland, many of which contain their original, historic interiors.

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