The Best Times of the Year to Travel to London – When To Go To England

One question we get asked a least a few times a month is “When is the best time to Travel in London?”

Well, after our recent trip to London, I’m proud to say that I’ve had the chance to visit London in all four seasons and now I can give a clear and definitive answer.

The answer is NOT JULY.


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  1. avatarShawn says

    We did July last year and you’re absolutely right – the heat was unbearable (especially in the tube). April was a hundred times more comfortable our second time around! Thankfully, heat notwithstanding, our weather was excellent on both occasions. I’m hoping to visit next in late fall.

  2. avatarJen says

    I lived and worked there from June to August in 2005, and I actually found the summer very pleasant. Of course, I’m from Tennessee, which is notorious for ridiculously hot, humid summers, so any change from that is a pleasant one… but I only remember less than a handful of days that I would describe as “hot”. Even in late July and early August, there were many days in the 50s and 60s. I haven’t been in the UK in other seasons, so I can’t make a fair judgment there.

  3. avatarkristin says

    I went to school in London from late August through December. I think Sept was the most pleasant month, not a ton of rain and still somewhat warm. We had some beautiful days that September! Was not a big fan of November weather, although we were told it was the rainiest November in something like 100 years – lol.

  4. avatarCathy H says

    I went in mid-March year before last for spring break (and plan to go again this year). The weather could not have been more perfect. Personally, I like it a bit cooler so I never once needed my jacket. I wore light sweaters each day and was very comfortable even as I walked a million miles each day. 😉 The only time I was a bit chilled was on an early evening boat ride on the Thames. Also, didn’t have one drop of rain for the entire week! Brilliant! Can’t wait to go back! 😀

  5. avatarMony says

    I spent a few weeks over July/August in Oxford and remember the hot days and cool nights with pleasure (and, having read this, only now realized how long the days were!). Also spent some time in Gloucestershire in late Dec/early Jan and found it wet and howling (which I also adored). You know, I think no extreme of weather I’ve found to date can spoil England for me. :-)

  6. avatarBrad says

    I have gone in January a few times and the airfare is cheap. Also everything is not crowded at all. Imagine seeing the crown jewels and being one of three people in the jewel room! It’s cold yes, but everything is cheaper, restaurants and hotel especially.

  7. avatar says

    I think you’re bang on the money Jonathon. April or September are always very nice and you can avoid the highest prices and busiest times, but if you are here in the peak summer months, get yourself out of central London and into areas like Richmond, Kew or slightly further afield to Windsor etc.

  8. avatarRachel says

    I went to London this past May. It was my first time in London so I really can’t do any comparison. But that aside I found May to be perfectly pleasant. Not cold but not hot.

  9. avatarSimon says

    As a Brit who studied in North America i always recommend May to college friends visiting. There is an old saying of “March winds, April showers” and May is usually reliable. The days are getting longer and it is often light til 9pm in most parts of the UK. The weather can be really warm too.
    From a practical perspective, the “summer holidays” are from late-July to early-September – so you’ll miss most of the crowds & the cost will be a little less.
    Its a great time of year if you like sport too. You could still catch soccer (consider lower leagues for cost and easier ticketting), rugby and cricket too.

  10. avatarDenise says

    I too have been to the UK at all seasons. September is good….warm & not too hot. No August crowds to fight. Early November has always been dry for us, even though it is supposed to be the rainiest month, & i love the cooler weather & no crowds. It is more affordable, but the days are too short. In February the weather was crazy, from snow to tank top weather in a matter of a couple of weeks. Next trip will be late April. Fingers crossed we dont see a lot of rain.