The Curry Capitals of Britain

Often voted as Britain’s favourite food, curry is considered to be one of the UK’s national dishes, beating fish and chips and even the traditional roast dinner. Whether it’s a crispy samosa that strikes your fancy, or you’re more of a chicken korma kind of person, from Glasgow to Bradford, we’ve rounded up a list of the top UK cities to tuck into a curry, which all claim to be responsible for the dish’s prominence around the country.


Wilmslow Road or “Curry Mile” in Manchester is said to have the largest amount of South Asian restaurants outside of India with about 70 eateries dedicated to the cuisine within a mile. Locals and tourists alike flock to this location well into the early hours to satisfy their curry cravings.


With an Indian population of around 25,000, this Scottish city has plenty of establishments to grab a curry. The trendy Ashton Lane in the city’s west end has several Indian restaurants at your disposal and is home to the award-winning Ashoka restaurant, a popular regional chain. Also be sure to stop by Shish Mahal on Park Road, which claims to have invented Britain’s favourite Indian main, the Chicken Tikka Masala. The tomato-based sauce is thought to account for one in 7 of all curry orders throughout the UK.


If you’re in the capital and have a hankering for the spicy stuff, Brick Lane is the place to go. This Bangladeshi neighbourhood is lined with curry houses, and with so much choice comes the opportunity to haggle for your meal, so you get a taster of the South-Asian experience in the heart of London’s trendy east end. But remember to stop by an off license on your way there, as many of the restaurants are BYO.


Crowned Britain’s “curry capital” in 2011, this Yorkshire city is a true contender when it comes to South East Asian food with Mumtaz, Akbar’s and Prashad’s among some of the local favourites. Home to one of the largest Southeast Asian communities in Britain, the demographic makes up just under 20 percent of the city’s total population.

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  1. avatarPeppy says

    How on earth have you missed Birmingham? The UK’s most loved dish, Tikka Masala, was invented there!

    • avatarMinerva says

      …. Birmingham’s (the West Midlands in general) Indian/Bangldeshi/Pakistani populations larger than most British cities & is the home of the ‘Balti Triangle’, & along with West London is a self-styled ‘Bhangra Town’

      Leicester is also a notable absentee here too………….it has such a vast Asian population (over 100,000) its Diwali celebration is the largest outside India!….& a visit to the ‘Golden Mile’ shows the diversity of the cuisine (Gujerati food is well represented…..a result of Idi Amin’s expulsion of so many from Uganda in 1972)