Travel Plans: Anglotopia Is Coming to Britain for Christmas 2013! – An English Christmas Trip


We’ve got some exciting news! After an 18 month absence, we will finally be returning to the UK for a long visit later this year.

We last visited Britain during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee last year and it was an amazing experience. Ever since we’ve been chomping at the bit to go back.

But we decided to not travel for the last year or so while we’ve been waiting for the arrival of Miss Anglotopia (previously known as Anglotopia Jr. #2). Mrs. Anglotopia doesn’t travel well while pregnant, so we’ve stayed close to home, dreaming of going back and saving our pennies for our eventual return.

Well, now that Miss Anglotopia is here, we can plan our next trip to Britain!

We’re going this December for 33 days, we’ll be arriving in the UK in Mid-December and staying until Mid January.

In between we’ll spend some quality time in London, then spend the actual holidays in our favorite place in Britain: Updown Cottage in Shaftesbury, Dorset where the owners, Jane and Simon have kindly agreed to decorate it for us for Christmas so we can have a traditional English Christmas.

We could not possibly be more excited. We’ve never ben to England over Christmas so this will be a truly lovely experience.

We booked our tickets with British Airways last week and we have 163 days until departure.

I’m planning a series of articles on our trip plans as well as preparing for an English Christmas. So, there will be plenty to read. And of course, while we’re traveling we’ll be sharing pictures, videos and more of England during the holidays.

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  1. avatarMary says

    I’m so jealous, and glad you’ll be posting so I can live vicariously through you :)

  2. avatarIsis Glass says

    My family and I spent the Christmas holidays in London, England 2010-2011. We celebrated both Christmas and New Year’s int he capital city. It was by far, one of the best family trips we’ve ever had. We love all the sights and sounds of Christmas, especially being woken to church bells on Christmas day. Because I am a huge Beatles fan, my family surprised me with a trip to Abbey Road that day. We had a waiting taxi who spent the whole of the time there with us. Because of the holiday, there was no one there and needless to say, we had our fill of Abbey Road Studios and the famous Zebra walk! We then had a lovely and traditional Christmas dinner at a local pub and later went on a walk around the River Thames taking in the beautiful Christmas lights around the city! Hyde Park is all aglow during the Christmas holiday with loads of activities for both young and old so take advantage of that if you can. Celebrating Christmas away from home for the first time, we were a bit concerned especially since we were traveling with our children…we soon found that we had nothing to be concerned about, we were made to feel welcome by everyone, never felt out of place and had a magical Christmas holiday experience, made many memories that will stay with us for many years to come! I wish you and your family the same magical experience! I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences ~ happy Christmas! Cheers!

  3. avatarJenny N says

    Congratulations on the newest littlest Anglotopia! Oh man it is hard to differentiate whether I am more excited or possibly slightly envious. Hmm, possibly both. In 2005 we traveled to London and Bath for Thanksgiving (what a great time to go). And even then all the Christmas lights, Christmas store fronts were in full swing. We even partook (sp?) in a nighttime ice skate in the moat around the Tower of London. I did notice that in Bath they were setting up for their yearly Christmas Market (slightly resembled the market stalls and set up you would see in Germany for the holidays). Can’t wait for the post trip blog already.

  4. avatarLuz Maria says

    Congratulations. I readily admit that I am jealous. I have yet to take my first trip. So much personal stuff has been going on in my life. I hope to go in 2014. But, I need to quit talking and dreaming about it and just do it. Hope you all have a wonderful time. I look forward to reading your dispatches while you are there.

  5. avatarLauri says

    Excited about your trip…and ours! We will also be in England for Christmas this year, staying at a cottage in Lincolnshire after our daughter finishes her study abroad semester in Scotland. Will be fun to compare our experiences!