Brit Books: Mr. Darcy’s Guide to Courtship: The Secrets of Seduction from Jane Austen’s Most Eligible Bachelor


  It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. In Mr. Darcy’s Guide to Courtship: The Secrets of Seduction from Jane Austen's Most Eligible Bachelor, the prideful and … [Read more...]

Brit Book Reviews: London, Night and Day: A Guide to Where The Other Books Don’t Take You. illustrated by Osbert Lancaster


London, Night and Day: A Guide to Where The Other Books Don’t Take You.  illustrated by Osbert Lancaster I brought this book with me to read on the plane to this year’s vacation destination, which was a little sadisitic since it was the guide to the … [Read more...]

Brit Book Reviews: Elizabeth: A Celebration in Photographs of the Queen’s Life and Reign by Jennie Bond


  In this updated photographic history of the life and times of HM Queen Elizabeth II, BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond has put together a very authoritative and enjoyable history of the Queen.  The book was updated to include pictures … [Read more...]

Brit DVD Reviews: Classic Father Brown, the Complete Original Collection by Acorn Media


Sometimes, things just get better with age.  The classic sitcoms, mysteries and dramas of days gone by that can still hook the viewer with just one episode.  Father Brown: the Complete Collection is one of those dramas. Like so many classic British … [Read more...]

Brit DVD Review: You, Me & Them by Acorn Media Starring Anthony Head and Eve Myles

you me

“NOOOOOOO!!!!! This show can not only be one series long!” That’s what I said mere hours ago, as I finished the last episode of You, Me & Them. When I sat down to watch a few episodes this afternoon, I had planned on watching maybe 2 episodes at … [Read more...]

Brit Book Review: A Fine Romance – 2 Month Adventure in the English Countryside by Susan Branch


  “Now I realize an Anglophile is not made, she is born…” truer words could not be spoken. For me, I was born at the tender age of 8, watching Sarah Ferguson marry Prince Andrew; for Susan Branch it was during her trip through the English … [Read more...]

Brit Book Reviews: M’Lady’s Book of Household Secrets by The Hon. Sarah MacPherson


Anything even remotely “Downtonesque” is all the rage these days and this book fits the mold. M’Lady’s Book of Household Secrets: Recipes, Remedies & Essential Etiquette by The Hon. Sarah MacPherson, is a glimpse into eighteenth century Great … [Read more...]

British Travels: Highlights of Where We Ate During our One Month Trip to Britain – Southwest England


After every trip, we always share a list of the places we ate. This time around, the list is rather large because were in the UK for so long (33 days). So, this is not an exhaustive list of every single place we ate, but rather a list of the … [Read more...]

Dispatches from England: Travelogue: Day Out in Windsor


I'm normally a pretty serious travel planner. I like to read as much as I can about a destination in anticipation of making the most of a visit somewhere, and so that I know more about what I'm seeing once I get there. But I also try to embrace … [Read more...]

British Travels: The Echoes of the Battle of Trafalgar at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


Because of his towering height, Captain Hardy had to crouch below the beams in the lower deck of HMS Victory. It was quite a scene. Gunpowder still thick in the air. A legend lay dying. It was Hardy's task to inform Nelson that they were victorious … [Read more...]