Dispatches from England: Travelogue: Day Out in Windsor


I'm normally a pretty serious travel planner. I like to read as much as I can about a destination in anticipation of making the most of a visit somewhere, and so that I know more about what I'm seeing once I get there. But I also try to embrace … [Read more...]

British Travels: The Echoes of the Battle of Trafalgar at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


Because of his towering height, Captain Hardy had to crouch below the beams in the lower deck of HMS Victory. It was quite a scene. Gunpowder still thick in the air. A legend lay dying. It was Hardy's task to inform Nelson that they were victorious … [Read more...]

The Majestic Cutty Sark Re-opens After Renovation – Review and Details Inside

The Cutty Sark - The Most Famous Tea Clipper

Editor's Note: The Cutty Sark has recently re-opened in London after a massive renovation and our London correspondent Laura Porter had the chance to see behind the scenes before it opened to the public. Thanks Laura! What's so special about the … [Read more...]

Kensington Palace Opens after Major Renovation – Here’s a Preview of What’s on Display

The Love Room in Victoria Revealed

Editor's Note: Laura Porter from About London got a press preview of the newly renovated Kensington Palace and was kind enough to write up an article for us all about it. The Queen lives at Buckingham Palace so why do we have another palace in … [Read more...]