Anglotees Alert: New Designs LIVE – Tired of London, Tired of Life, Vintage Queen and The Kingdom Returns!


Anglotees New Designs LIVE! Tired of London, Tired of Life Dr Samuel Jonson coined probably the most famous quoute about London. The full quote is: “Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a … [Read more...]

Anglotees Alert: New Designs LIVE – If This TARDIS is a Rockin’, Winter in England and English Lions Returns!


This Week at Anglotees NEW DESIGN LIVE - If this TARDIS is a Rockin' Our last Doctor Who design was so popular, we put our thinking caps on to come up with some more Whovian inspired designs. Mrs. Anglotees came up with this brilliant design - … [Read more...]

Anglotees Alert: New Designs LIVE – Brilliant London, Brilliant Britain Returns along with the Anglotopia T-Shirt


This Week at Anglotees This week at Anglotees, we've got a new design called Brilliant London and we've brought back its sister design, Brilliant Britain. We've also been getting requests for the Anglotopia shirt, so we're bring that back this week … [Read more...]

Anglophile Alert: Tea from Tyneside – Ringtons Tea Comes to America – Read the Story Here

Tea Book and Biscuits

John Lucas, a North Carolina-based Brit, explains how famous UK tea brand Ringtons came to be on sale in the USA. You may well have heard the expression “Carrying coals to Newcastle”, a reference to the fact that Newcastle and its surrounding … [Read more...]

Anglotees Alert: LAST CALL – Just 24 Hours Left to Buy the British Slang Bus Bling and the Mind the Gap Reprint!


Anglotees Alert: LAST CALL - Just 24 Hours Left to Buy the British Slang Bus Blind Our tribute to our favorite British English words and phrases. This shirt has been very popular! Available in men's, women's, v-neck, long sleeve, hoodie and tote … [Read more...]

Anglophile Deal: Anglotopia Readers Can Now Save 40% on a Subscription to Britain Magazine – Exclusive Discount – Details Inside


We've got an exciting exclusive offer for Anglotopia readers. We're big fans of Britain Magazine, which is the 'official' magazine of Britain. Despite the success of internet and tablets, I still love the feeling of thumbing through a glossy magazine … [Read more...]