Anglotees: New Shirt Live – Winston Churchill – Never Surrender – Our Tribute to an Icon of History


If you want to be moved, all you need to do is listen to one of Winston Churchill’s rousing speeches from World War II which always had one singular message: Never Surrender. This is a personal motto of ours. The success of Anglotopia and Anglotees … [Read more...]

British Travels: The Echoes of the Battle of Trafalgar at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


Because of his towering height, Captain Hardy had to crouch below the beams in the lower deck of HMS Victory. It was quite a scene. Gunpowder still thick in the air. A legend lay dying. It was Hardy's task to inform Nelson that they were victorious … [Read more...]

Introducing The Royal Oak Foundation – For American Fans of the English National Trust – Discount for Anglotopia Readers

The Temple of Apollo reflected in the lake at Stourhead, Wiltshire, in May.

Editor's Note: For those that don't know, Americans can support the National Trust in England and gain free entry to all their properties by joining the Royal Oak Foundation. We joined a few months ago for our last trip and can't wait to take … [Read more...]

Brit Book Review: The King’s Grave: The Discovery of King Richard III’s Lost Burial Place and the Clues it Holds by Phillipa Langley and Michael Jones


  Like any good Anglophile, when I heard the news that they had possibly discovered the grave of one of England’s most infamous monarchs, I was excited to say the least.  As an amateur historian who studies England during the Wars of the … [Read more...]