Sunday Photo: A Lovely Shot of the Golden Afternoon Sun on Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset For Your Desktop Wallpaper


This is my favorite picture from our last trip to England. We stayed on Gold Hill, located in Shaftesbury, Dorset in Updown Cottage - the white cottage in the center - for the Christmas holidays and had a lovely time. Every day I waited for the light … [Read more...]

Photo: This is England – Ashmore Pond with Thatched Cottage – Dorset, England – Desktop Wallpaper


Here's a nice Anglophile Zen picture for quiet Sunday. This photo is of a thatched cottage located in the lovely Dorset village of Ashmore, which is situated around a lovely pond that reflects the light and cottages around it perfectly. Located to … [Read more...]

British Landscapes Photography: The New Forest – Britain’s smallest National Park


My last post was about my trip to the Isle of Wight and on the way back I took the opportunity to make my first visit to our smallest National Park - New Forest. Although the best time of year to visit is late Summer when the heather colour is at its … [Read more...]

British Landscapes Photography: Britain’s Beautiful Heritage Coasts

Bedruthan Steps © Derek Fogg - British Landscapes Photography

Until now we have made brief visits to two-thirds of the National Parks so I thought we would have a change and take a look at some of the Heritage Coasts.  The scheme was started in 1972 to protect coastlines of special scenic and environmental … [Read more...]

British Landscapes Photography: Britain’s Beautiful Breathing Spaces

Brograve Mill © Derek Fogg - British Landscapes Photography

Following my recent introductory post I thought it best to start by providing  you with an overview of the key scenic areas of the British Isles and where better to start than with the national parks of England, Scotland and Wales of which there are … [Read more...]

New Column: British Landscapes Photography from Derek Fogg

The Snowdonia Horseshoe - © Derek Fogg

Hi and welcome to British Landscapes Photography.  I'm Derek Fogg, landscape photographer and  I am delighted to have been given the opportunity of sharing with you my images of the landscapes of the British Isles.  Although not an anglophile, being … [Read more...]

Laura’s London: Laura Takes a London Helicopter Tour – Great Aerial Photos of London

London Eye & the Houses of Parliament

We've all tried bus tours of London but, while I enjoy those too, I fancied seeing London from above. I love the view as you fly back to London and see the River Thames and start to pick out the landmarks but I have no plans to leave London in the … [Read more...]

Laura’s London: Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Preview Day – Exclusive Pictures

A Compromising Situation - Twigs Gardens (Low cost, High Impact Garden)

This is the 23rd year of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. It's the largest garden and flower show in the world and covers 34 acres of the Hampton Court Palace grounds. It takes just three weeks to build a show garden and all come apart in just … [Read more...]

Top 13 Piers in Britain – The Coolest Amusement Pleasure Piers in the United Kingdom


Being an island nation, Britain has a loving relationship with it's coastlines and for centuries people have flocked to them for a little rest and relaxation. All throughout Britain, many seaside piers were built - some are still popular, some have … [Read more...]

Complete List of the United Kingdom’s World Heritage Sites – With Beautiful Pictures in the U.K.

There are 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom. The UNESCO list contains 17 designated properties in England, four in Scotland, three in Wales, one in Northern Ireland. The first sites in the U.K. to be inscribed on the World Heritage … [Read more...]

Top 11 Stately Homes in England – Best English Manor Houses


One thing England is known for are its many fine stately homes and manor houses. They've had a troubled history in the last century as families have been forced to sell them off or donate them to the National Trust. Many have even been demolished. … [Read more...]

Tweet-up and Climb: To Helvellyn and back….. A Lake District Adventure

I've just been camping for the weekend and climbed a mountain with five people I have never met before! I know how the hell did that happen? Well, there's this phenomena known as ‘social media' that seems to be taking over all aspects of our … [Read more...]