Brit DVD Reviews: Music And Monarchy, with David Starkey by Acorn Media


  What do “I vow to thee, my country,” “Hope and Glory” (“Pomp and Circumstance” to Americans) and “Zadok the Priest” all have in common?  No, they weren’t the playlist for my wedding two years ago, although I will admit to stealing some … [Read more...]

Brit DVD Reviews: George Gently, Series 5, by Acorn Media


  Become a reviewer they said. It’ll be fun they said! They don’t warn you that you get sucked into previously undiscovered series and spend your entire weekend catching up so that you are current and practically salivating for the next … [Read more...]

Brit DVD reviews: Doctor Zhivago — Acorn Media


  I’ve never read Boris Pasternak’s classic novel Doctor Zhivago, but I grew up with the dashing image of Omar Sharif’s Doctor Zhivago in my head.  The 1965 movie was one of my mother’s favorites and she loved a good romance!  So when I sat … [Read more...]