Lost in the Pond: 8 Fantastic British Christmas TV Specials for Homesick Expats


If there is one thing that the British do very well at Christmas it is television specials. Aside from watching the Queen's speech, which most Brits consider to be background entertainment, Brits tune in at Christmas to watch a a lengthier one-off … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: The Snowmen, Royal Mail Makes Some Stamps, Freema At Gally, Big Finish Update, The Spies Of Warsaw, Season Seven News


The Snowmenwas just a small taster for what we can can expect later this year. As a story it mirrored a snowman in that as it melted away slowly and dissipated, leaving traces behind for us to think about. After watching it several times I have … [Read more...]

British TV Podcast – 2011 Holiday Special – Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and More!

The British TV Podcast with Chrissy & Ryan presents its 2011 Holiday Special. We review the recent Christmas specials on British TV including "Doctor Who," "Downton Abbey," "The Borrowers," "Lost Christmas" and more. Ryan finishes the year with … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special, Christmas With The First Doctor, DVDs, David Tennant, Graphic Novels, The Kraals Are Back, Big Finish Audio News


Happy Holidays to everyone in Anglotopia land!  May the holidays and Boxing Day find you well and in good health! Who fandom is very excited about the Christmas Special this weekend. It will indeed be good to see Matt Smith again for the first … [Read more...]