Doctor Whooligan: Asylum Ratings, Dinosaurs On a Spaceship, Barrowman On Tour, Myles In Frankie, McCoy On DVD, Season Seven News


Asylum of the Daleks was indeed a very wild ride filed with lots of possible ramifications for down the line.  It was a breakneck thrill ride of an opener that pleased many fans who have been eagerly waiting new episodes. SEASON 7 … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: BBC America Interviews Cast, Tennant’s New Gig, Davison In NYC, McCoy In Tulsa, Colin Baker for Timegate, Big Finish Update


It's all about the start of the new season this  week! Asylum Of The Daleks airs on Saturday in the UK and USA. Huzzah! The Radio Times previewed the season … [Read more...]

Doctor Whooligan: Season Seven News, Clara News, Ice Warriors, K-9, Tennant Interviewed, The Three Doctors DVD And John Barrowman Comes To Dragoncon


Once again Season Seven news is dominating the world of Doctor Who. A lot of Brit tabloids are following filming with keen interest and the internet is loaded with rumor and innuendo about the new companion. There also is more information about S7's … [Read more...]

Earth Station One Episode 77: The Summer’s Over & Torchwood is Done, What’s Next??

With Summer Coming to end and most of us recovering still from our stint at Dragon*Con we thought it would be a perfect time to review how we did with our Summer Movie predictions, and then talk about what new fall TV shows we are looking forward to … [Read more...]

Earth Station One Episode 76 – ESO Live from Dragon*Con 25

Despite sound issues ESO goes live again at Dragon*Con, talking to friends of the show and talking about the pro’s and cons of getting over 40,000 sci-fi and fantasy fans together. But that’s not all, also this week we talk about the newest Doctor … [Read more...]