Dispatches from Milton Keynes: How to Survive the British snow-pocalypse


Winter has struck the UK.  The specter of a second snow looms over the horizon.  Citizens panic about how unprepared they are for snow while denying the existence of an English winter.  I, for one, just HATE being cold!  While air travelers camp out … [Read more...]

Tweet-up and Climb: To Helvellyn and back….. A Lake District Adventure

I've just been camping for the weekend and climbed a mountain with five people I have never met before! I know how the hell did that happen? Well, there's this phenomena known as ‘social media' that seems to be taking over all aspects of our … [Read more...]

Dispatches from the North: Path to Settlement in the UK Part II

Well let's get right to it- I PASSED! Yes, on my first try I passed the Life in the UK Test. I found it quite simple really, although I can understand where the challenges lie for people who come from different cultures and don't speak English as a … [Read more...]