Great Events in British History: A Beginner’s Guide to The Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII


Henry VIII broke with the Church of Rome following the Pope’s refusal to grant him an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Once he was Head of the Church in England and in possession of a new wife, Henry cast his eyes covetously on a new … [Read more...]

Anglophile Alert: Special Anglotopia Reader Discount for the Royal Oak Foundation – Visit National Trust Properties for Free

Chartwell - Winston Churchill's Home Owned by the National Trust

Editor’s Note: For those that don’t know, Americans can support the National Trust in England and gain unlimited entry to all their properties by joining the Royal Oak Foundation, their American affiliate. We joined last year and have taken advantage … [Read more...]

Great Britons: John Churchill 1st Duke of Marlborough – The Man Who Redrew the Map of Europe and Inspired Winston Churchill


The 1st Duke of Marlborough was a larger-than-life creation of the complex politics of the 17th century, going from power to the Tower and back again. He was an important military leader and won decisive battles that helped draw the map of Europe for … [Read more...]