Guest Long Read: Top 10 Most Swoon-worthy Scenes from British Films and TV Shows – Which One is Your Favorite?


In our fast-paced, often violent and sometimes cynical world, we should remember that LOVE makes the world go ‘round.  Take a moment and you’ll see that love is everywhere, from the cute couple walking down the street holding hands, to the … [Read more...]

Guest Long Read: Top Ten Things to do in Newcastle and the North East England from a Local


When I first told my friends that I was moving away from the town I grew up in, just North of London,  to live in Newcastle Upon Tyne in North East England, the looks of horror and comments along the lines of "Do they even have electricity there?" … [Read more...]

Guest Long Read: A Journey To the Top 10 Favorite English Cathedrals – Which is Your Favorite?


The United Kingdom is a country with great beauties, both natural and man-made. Among the man-made ones, you can certainly include its cathedrals. When you look at the map, you’ll find them scattered everywhere, so it’s rather difficult to choose ten … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your GCSE’s from your Primary School? An Anglophile’s Guide to the British Education System


As a native Brit (albeit one who travels to the US regularly) I often get frustrated when I read American articles which describe children according to which grade they are in. It seems standard to say, “a promising ninth-grader” or “a third grade … [Read more...]

Brit Slang: 5 English Words and Phrases That Crop Up During The World Cup Every Anglophile Should Know

Photo credit: Илья Хохлов Creative Commons.

After another disappointing World Cup exit for the England football team, there are now plenty of words and phrases usually so prevalent during the World Cup that will, for better or worse, not feature for the remainder of the tournament. For the … [Read more...]

Lost in the Pond Returns with 7 British Phrases For ‘Getting Upset’ Not Used In the U.S. – British Slang


There aren’t too many nations in this world that can hold a candle to the British when it comes to moaning and whining (and I say that lovingly, as a Brit myself). Whether they are standing at the back of a particularly long queue or simply lamenting … [Read more...]

Dispatches from England Travelogue: Exploring the White Cliffs of Dover and Spending the Overnight in the Classic and Historic British Seaside Town

White Cliffs 1

Many readers are probably familiar with Dover, either for the famous White Cliffs of Dover, or because it's an important port where ferries and cargo ships cross the English Channel. When planning a recent drive to Belgium via the Eurotunnel (which … [Read more...]