Dispatches from England Travelogue: Exploring the White Cliffs of Dover and Spending the Overnight in the Classic and Historic British Seaside Town

White Cliffs 1

Many readers are probably familiar with Dover, either for the famous White Cliffs of Dover, or because it's an important port where ferries and cargo ships cross the English Channel. When planning a recent drive to Belgium via the Eurotunnel (which … [Read more...]

Dispatches from England: Travelogue: Day Out in Windsor


I'm normally a pretty serious travel planner. I like to read as much as I can about a destination in anticipation of making the most of a visit somewhere, and so that I know more about what I'm seeing once I get there. But I also try to embrace … [Read more...]

Lost in the Pond: 8 Fantastic British Christmas TV Specials for Homesick Expats


If there is one thing that the British do very well at Christmas it is television specials. Aside from watching the Queen's speech, which most Brits consider to be background entertainment, Brits tune in at Christmas to watch a a lengthier one-off … [Read more...]