Royal Round Up 9-19-12: Injunction Granted; Camp Bastion Attacked; Party Pippa Grates Kate


Injunction Granted The photos of a topless Duchess of Cambridge have scandalized people the world over. It's not because the Duchess is sans top - rather, people are infuriated over the invasion of the Duke and Duchess' privacy while they … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 8-15-12: Olympic Ending; Wills Feels The Heat; 3 Royal Favorites


The End To An Epic Summer The Olympics are over, but boy, was it a jolly good show. In fact, it seems that most of 2012 has been spectacular for that jewel set in the silver sea. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was another fantastic affair. The … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 7-25-12: Charles’ Toast Sold; Royals Celebrate Olympians; PMs Reunited With Their Sovereign

Charles' Wedding Toast Sold HRH The Prince of Wales must've been amused when he heard that a piece of toast claimed to be his had gone on sale. It wasn't a speech-style toast, written nervously on a napkin. No, it was actual, consumable … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 6-20-12: Charles Levels Up; Garter Glamour; Philip’s Back; Rhino-No


Charles Takes On Honorary Rank The Queen has appointed Prince Charles an honorary five-star rank in all three services - Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet and Marshal of the Royal Air Force. He joins his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, who is … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 5-9-12: Harry and William Awarded; Empire Is Out; Fergie Fights On


Empire Is Out, Classless Is In It has been reported that the Queen's lords lieutenant are looking to drop the word "empire" from awards and honors. The lords lieutenant in question represent Cheshire, Cumbria and Clackmannanshire. Having the … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 3-28-12: Scandinavian Fun; Jubilee Honor; Death of King of Tonga

Queen Honored In Parliament A proposal has been brought forth to rename the tower that houses the iconic "Big Ben" bell. In honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, it will be named Elizabeth tower. 23 Conservative MPs have signed a motion … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 3-14-12: Jubilee Tours; Beatrice Runs; Charlotte v Diana

Harry's Jubilee Tour Smashing Success Prince Harry has wrapped up his Diamond Jubilee Tour in the Caribbean, and his visit to Brazil, at the request of the British government, has also been extremely successful. Harry's itinerary included: • … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 3-7-12: Beatrice Gets Stylish; Harry’s Royal Tour; Spencer’s Lucky 7

Princess Beatrice Hires Emma Watson's Stylist At Rate Of $2,400 A Day Far be it for me to criticize someone attempting to look classy. Princess Beatrice of York took a lot of flack for her horrid hat (of royal wedding day fame). Needless to … [Read more...]