Royal Round Up 4-19-11: Blue-Blood Nephew Talks Wedding; Prince Harry Promoted; Muslim Protest At Wedding; Kate and Wills’ Wedding on YouTube

Elliott On The Royal Wedding Camilla's entrepreneurial nephew, Ben Elliott, discusses the upcoming royal wedding with America's ABC News. Ben, co-founder of the upper-crust concierge service Quintessentially, is the son of Annabel Elliot, the … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 4-12-11: Royally “Mad”; Wedding Wishes; Royal Phones Hacked; Philip Celebrates 90

With just 16 days to go, there isn't a lot of news about the British Royal Family other than marriage mania! The gown, the tiara, the honeymoon, the nerves -- and more -- are being discussed and dissected in the media. Television presenter Cat … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 4-5-11: Royal Visit in Morocco; William Wedding Jitters; Harry’s Arctic Adventure

Who is coming to the Royal Wedding? The Guest List With just 3 weeks to go, who has made it on the world's most sought-after guest list? The following groups of people have been invited to the wedding: • Members of the Royal Family and their … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 3-15-11: Yorks In Trouble; Queen Celebrates Girl Power; William Down Under; Zara and Mike win in love and life

  Dirty Deal Duchess Outs The Duke The Daily Mail revealed that the Duchess of York accepted £15,000 from Prince Andrew’s associate, a convicted child sex offender,  to help pay off her debts. Though she previously denied it, Fergie has … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 3-8-11: Scheming Yorks; BBCA Royal Line Up; Kate Welcomed in Belfast


Duchess' "Error of Judgment" Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is in all kinds of hot water regarding his friendships and finances. His ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, isn't the only one with problems now. Fergie admitted that she received money from … [Read more...]

The Queen IS NOT Dead

There's a rumor floating around Twitter this afternoon that Queen Elizabeth has died. We didn't believe it so we called Buckingham Palace to find out. They said The Queen is doing very well. So, folks don't believe everything you hear on Twitter … [Read more...]