Royal Round Up 5-17-11: The Queen in Ireland; Sarah’s Self-Pity; Pippa’s Popular Posterior

The Queen Visits Ireland HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh begin their four-day trip to Ireland yesterday, May 17th. The Queen is the first monarch to visit Ireland in a century, the other being her grandfather, King George V. Home rule … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 4-19-11: Blue-Blood Nephew Talks Wedding; Prince Harry Promoted; Muslim Protest At Wedding; Kate and Wills’ Wedding on YouTube

Elliott On The Royal Wedding Camilla's entrepreneurial nephew, Ben Elliott, discusses the upcoming royal wedding with America's ABC News. Ben, co-founder of the upper-crust concierge service Quintessentially, is the son of Annabel Elliot, the … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 4-12-11: Royally “Mad”; Wedding Wishes; Royal Phones Hacked; Philip Celebrates 90

With just 16 days to go, there isn't a lot of news about the British Royal Family other than marriage mania! The gown, the tiara, the honeymoon, the nerves -- and more -- are being discussed and dissected in the media. Television presenter Cat … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 4-5-11: Royal Visit in Morocco; William Wedding Jitters; Harry’s Arctic Adventure

Who is coming to the Royal Wedding? The Guest List With just 3 weeks to go, who has made it on the world's most sought-after guest list? The following groups of people have been invited to the wedding: • Members of the Royal Family and their … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 3-15-11: Yorks In Trouble; Queen Celebrates Girl Power; William Down Under; Zara and Mike win in love and life

  Dirty Deal Duchess Outs The Duke The Daily Mail revealed that the Duchess of York accepted £15,000 from Prince Andrew’s associate, a convicted child sex offender,  to help pay off her debts. Though she previously denied it, Fergie has … [Read more...]

Royal Round Up 3-8-11: Scheming Yorks; BBCA Royal Line Up; Kate Welcomed in Belfast


Duchess' "Error of Judgment" Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is in all kinds of hot water regarding his friendships and finances. His ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, isn't the only one with problems now. Fergie admitted that she received money from … [Read more...]