Guest Feature: “The Play’s The Thing” – Seeing a Preview of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet at the Barbican – SPOILERS!!!


Editor's Note: While I know Hamlet is still currently in 'previews,' an Anglotopia reader had the chance to see the play and was kind enough to write about her experience for everyone. Thanks Ann K. McClellan! It’s a pretty well-known fact … [Read more...]

Great British Houses: Kimbolton Castle – A Stunning Castle Turned Mansion in Cambridgeshire


A Norman castle, a Tudor manor house, a Georgian mansion, and finally, a public school. Kimbolton Castle has survived many centuries of change. The final resting place of Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s divorced and banished Spanish Queen, … [Read more...]

Great British Houses: Wilton House – A Stunning Example of Palladian Architecture in Wiltshire


Wilton House is an impressive example of severe Palladian style and is home to Inigo Jones’ famous Single and Double Cube Rooms, believed by some to be the finest 17th century staterooms in England.  Privately owned since King Henry VIII seized it … [Read more...]

The Monarchs: King John (1199 – 1216) – One of England’s Most Terrible Kings – Famous for Sealing the Magna Carta

'Signing' Magna Carta - Was Actually Sealed

King John is thought to be the antithesis of King Richard, the Lionheart who preceded him. If Richard was tall, strong, brave and an accomplished military leader, John was short, weak, cowardly and completely unskilled in the art of war. After … [Read more...]

Great British Houses: A Brief History of the Old and New Wardour Castle in Wiltshire


In the fourteenth century, Baron Lovell returned triumphant from battles overseas and built Wardour Castle, a grand fortress worthy of a powerful English Lord. Originally built as a show of strength and victory over enemies overseas, Wardour Castle … [Read more...]